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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Aquarius

Attention all Aquarius signs! Its your month to shine!

This #PatinaZodiacStyle project was designed for everyone to get involved and show us your zodiac styles! If you are an Aquarius, we’d love to catch your styling vibes. Just use our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle to get involved!!

For the Aquarius lounge we chose blue as our main color and worked around it with a large variety of bright poppy colors to showcase your eclectic personality as well as your open mindedness.


We chose our newly upholstered blue velvet ombre channeled sectional to be the star of this zodiac lounge. Blue is known to represent sincerity + high ideals. We chose shades of blue to create a calm + relaxing environment which is helpful for blocking day to day stress + broadens your mind. We chose to hang a hammock that shared the same color blues in the sofa to work as a curtain. We also chose to lay down a Persian rug that had aqua running through it to pull that lighter shade throughout the set.

Keeping in mind you guys love to entertain, we rolled in our Austin ottoman to serve as a coffee table but can also swap over to another form of seating during higher volume events thrown at your home. To add more seating to the lounge we pulled in our Maxx bench and placed a few colorful peruvian pillows on it to use as cushions. This bench can seat up to 4 people comfortably. We also decided pulled in two of our wonder chairs to give the lounge some shape + balance it out with some neutral pieces to add to the very colorful accents. We know, the more seating the better for you social bunnies!

Aquarians are known to be collectors, so we happily slid in our gold bookcase and filled it up with a collection of vintage cameras + a variety of peruvian throws to add pattern + color into the mix. To balance out the height of the bookcase and the colors in the Peruvian accents, we pulled in our teal doors to give more texture and a bit of architecture into the lounge. Lastly few sheepskins were pulled in to add in some texture to the area and placed a few plants throughout to give the set a little life.

And there you have it, a lounge built to fill an Aquarian’s home with a substantial amount of friends + family for all their entertaining needs.

Now a little more on our Aquarius friends. They are ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of originality so Aquarius’s are known to skip to their own beat. They are an air sign, which makes them avid thinkers, quick learners, and most are quite the philosophers. Their symbol is the Water Bearer which symbolizes giving life and food to the world. This lines up with one major trait in our Aquarius friends: they are humanitarians, always looking for a logical way to save the world. They could be scientists or digging into technology finding ways to better human kind. If not there, they most likely take part in organizations with strong missions. They have enormous visions on individuality + equality. Think about Oprah Winfrey. She’s one major Aquarius, who set a huge mission to reach all people and talk on huge issues that a lot of people face + struggle with in their day to day. Many Aquarius’s have strong ideas and believe they can form a revolution in the world + bring about change with their foundations. They are quite the powerful sign with dedicating their life to making a difference!

Since Aquarians are natural humanitarians, they make great friends. They are always there to lend a helping solution to any issues their buds are facing. They are able to see all sides of the situation and come to a very sturdy solution. They love to be surrounded by their family + friends so you can find them socializing in big groups of people + voicing their opinions left + right. They truly believe in their views and like for everyone to know them. This can get them in trouble from time to time coming across as a bit of a dictator, but they mean well— they only want to save the world and the people living in it!! They are always digging deeper into their ideas + using everyone else’s to form a plan of action. However if you disagree with them, they may become quite contradictory— they may be a bit temperamental to those that don’t agree with them, and it can set a challenge for them to understand you + maybe a crossroad to getting work done. This is because they 100% believe in what they think + are a bit stubborn to get thrown off their track.

Aquarians are known to be a bit eccentric with their over all sense of style for interiors and for how they dress. They can be artistic in these ways dressing to please themselves + decorating their house with them in mind. They are extreme individualists and being themselves entirely is very important to their person. In these senses they are a bit inventive. If you walk into their house and you find bizarre findings as lamps covered with scarves, their sculpture busts are wearing glasses + a hat or maybe they use clothing as their curtains- let them be. They like it like that and that is all that matters to them!

Aquarians are quick thinkers + problem solvers looking to make our world a better place. Natural scientists, inventors, activists + technology buffs. We can learn a lot from them and their belief systems! Thank you to all you Aquarians for caring so much for the world!!

We hoped you liked learning a bit about your Aquarius friends. We are greatly looking forward to seeing your Aquarius design vibes… Just use our hastag: #PatinaZodiacStyle to show us what your vibe is!!

Tune in next month for everything Pisces.



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