Our bourbon infused winter shoot

We wanted to do a fall inspired shoot which was inspired by one of our favorite drinks. We put our heads together and came up with a storyline of a quirky gentlemen’s club gathering in an eccentric overgrown but well kept Brooklyn apartment. We were lucky to hook up with a neighbor here in Bushwick who welcomed us into his hidden treasure of a space. The weathered olive green tin walls and exposed beam ceiling was SO perfect for this styled shoot.  We styled a few vignettes with some of our favorite pieces.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

The gentleman’s office made up of our PJ Hardy chair, Industrial Desk and Library Card Catalog. We accessorized it with some of our favorite props: vintage typewriters, a brass floor lamp, globes, trophies, ram antlers, extraordinary gentleman portraits and a vintage clock. We got great use out of our new iron bookcase propping it about with vintage books, science flasks, and other odds + ends. Threw some vintage runners and rugs under it, a few plants, added Ernie the Bear to the mix and boom- Mr Fancy Pants office was complete.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Next to the office was the reading quarters. The handsome spencer chair became the ultimate shiner for the reading chair. We propped this with our striking gazelle: Tupac Shakur, next to a distinguished sailor gent portrait. We used our letterpress unit, small card catalog, + lucky 7 industrial shelf to display our vintage cameras. Threw in some ivy for good measure and of course our fiddle leaf fig tree is quite the looker in the background.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Across the way, we styled the mantle area with our twin single malt chairs .  We layered a cowhide with our Moroccan kilim rugs underneath and threw a sheepskin throw on the ottoman for some texture. Deer Abbey hung high in the arched nook peering down on the single malt goodness below. Our baby got brass bar cart held our decanters and liquor with a gentleman portrait peeking through. I know us ladies here at Patina would love to enjoy a few bourbons in this seating area! The pear trees and ferns bring it to life.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

To the right of our single malt set up was our bar vignette made up of our tin bar we designed in house. These bars are quite popular and we made great use of it for this shoot. We love how the tin wall and the tin bar play off of each other here.  We styled it with fall inspired fruits + vegetables and some beautiful rotisserie chickens on our vintage porcelain dish ware. Lovely Yesenia is holding our silver tea set and our bell jar is filled with pears from the pear tree.  Spencer is sitting in the Spencer chair (we named after him during the shoot) and we have a few gentlemen portraits about the bar vignette, one looking good on our vintage painters easel. Our gilded mirror catches the reflection of  the raise the bar stools.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

To the right of the mantle set up we styled the beautiful vintage piano that came with the space. We layered some kilim rugs + turkish runners together for that vintage oriental vibe. On the piano, we styled a cluster of vintage brass candlesticks, vintage tray, and some greenery for texture. The study stool was used as the piano chair and the gwen chair gives that rosy mauve blush tone we were looking for- it works so well with the different shades of olive green. A gold stacks on stacks table holds up a plant and the handsome baby got brass cart has a crystal decanter filled with bourbon. It was hard to pack this area up and leave it behind!!

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

In the center of the room in-between our study, office + single malt vignettes we styled a lounge using our lovely blush Juliette settee + our muted olive green Hendricks sofa. We got great use out of our new brass coffee table over our layered kilim rugs. The twig side tables were used to hold our plants. We love this shot showing the party guests holding a convo in the lounge as the quirky host sits down in his office getting a quick read in.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot

This was a really fun shoot for us- the day went by so fast and we were super happy with how the day melodically moved! David Toquica, our extremely talented friend, photographed this shoot and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our dear lady friends, Martha Ellen + Elma over at Headchop put their talents to hair and make up for the models and they killed it with their super star skills. The models looked incredible and were such great sports during the entirety of the shoot. We really couldn’t be happier with the spirits of the day.

Patina | Single Malt Shoot


When our friend  Anthony from Zio and Sons, ( who designed this kick ass Cabana during our Cabana Challenge) invited us to help design his Old New York styled launch party for his new social food movement #gatheringslikethese we  jumped at the chance. Not only is he a doll to work with but his taste is impeccable and he rolls with a good crew like Nourish Kitchen , Space 28 and Petal by Pedal.   Check out some of the pics and the full story at Domaine Home and contribute to the feed by posting your gatherings  #gatheringslikethese.

Our barn wood tables and benches were put together to form one long table topped with a raw linen runner, gorgeous florals and our own vintage china.

Our barn wood tables and benches were put together to form one long table topped with a raw linen runner, gorgeous florals and our own vintage china.

Some old portraits and vintage props lend warmth to the space.

Some old portraits and vintage props lend warmth to the space.

Patina | Gatherings like these

Patina | #gatheringslikethese

Our Decker table was a perfect cheese station.

Our Decker table was a perfect cheese station.

Our Florentine trays and  Apple + Fig apps by Nourish Kitchen.

Patina | #gatheringslikethese

We used our Florentine trays for Nourish Kitchen Appetizers

We pulled some blue and whites from Japan, Denmark, England and Germany.

We pulled some blue and whites from Japan, Denmark, England and Germany.

We pulled some stuff from our Vintage Blues china collection.

We pulled some stuff from our Vintage Blues china collection.

Patina x Volcom Spring 15 Collab

We love collaborating with brands to create the perfect setting to show off what makes them special, so when Volcom and Azione PR approached to curate a launch of their Spring 15 Women’s line we jumped right in.  For their spring collection, Volcom designed a dope collection mirroring 3 different life styles from  Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Venice Beach. Let me tell you- the clothes coming up in the spring are amazing.  Pulling photos from the lookbook and inspiration boards and matching their colors and vibe to our pieces was so much fun.   Check out the city looks we curated for them:

Patina x Volcom

Patina x Volcom Black, white and textured in Brooklyn

For the BROOKLYN set up we used both our Mali chair and Dope city chair with the Casey Chesterfield sofa and threw the mantle behind it to give it that warmth of a cozy Brooklyn apartment. We layered the sisal with a cowhide rug and used our new Jackson coffee table that has paint splatters all over it- just screams Brooklyn! We propped it with our favorite gold + bronze props and layered some sheepskins in there for texture and wallah! Home sweet home, our beloved Brooklyn vignette was complete!

Volcom brooklyn vignette




For the SAN FRANCISCO vignette we used a lot of pops of color mixed with black and browns to tone it down. We hung a Moroccan rug behind our Veruca sofa to make a colorful tapestry tieing it together with the colorful but muted Kilim rug on the floor. The mud cloth pillows really tied in the clothing they had on display- It was crazy amazing how the clothing matched each vignette! The leather trunk coffee table was perfect for them to display some accessories and clothing. Our new George Clooney chair made it to the set grounding in the black moments in the Moroccan rug. This vignette really makes me want to buy a ticket to San Francisco!

Patina x Volcom

Patina x Volcom : Laid back and Eclectic San Fran

volcom san fran vignette


san fran volcom vignette


We were SO excited to design the vignette for the Venice Beach set with all the poppy colors that city screams out. We have been itching to use our illPinto skateboard collection for months and this was the absolute perfect opportunity to have those babies shine! We threw them up on our gold bookcases as a display as well as made a mini shelf with a few stacked for Volcom to use as a shoe display. We never used the Debbie Harry Chaise with the Cobain and the emerald slipper chairs before but we were so stoked to play with color like this! Those teal doors complimented the slipper chairs and kept the vignette balanced through out. Volcom had a dress in this collection that matched our color theory pillows on the chaise to a T!

Patina x Volcom

Patina x Volcom Vibrant and Playful Venice Beach


volcom venice beach vignette




We are so proud to have been a part of such a fun and creative collaboration with Volcom and Azione PR.  Can’t wait to see what we can cook up next time around!


Last weekend the super talented sisters Lizzie and Kathryn of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels  launched a new lifestyle collection called FortuneFinds.  The new collection is a curated selection of seriously killer finds from their travels, like amazing kilim rugs and pillows, beautiful turkish towels, vintage Japanese tea sets and stunning Native wall hangings. Get your Pin-it fingers ready and check out the goods on the online shop.   The new collection kicked off with a pop-up in Soho styled by the amazing Kate Dougherty and we were lucky enough to be a part of it.  I love how Kate used our furniture and props to help tell the story and creatively display all of these killer finds.

Sven Sofa







One Cabana, Five Stylists #PatinaCabanaChallenge

Back in April we had so much fun channeling our inner surfer  with our  Cabana,  and once it was finished we thought- wouldn’t it be fun to see how others would style it up all pulling from the same inventory?

So, we asked 5 of our favorite stylists to compete in our first ever Cabana Challenge.  Here’s how it all went down: we cracked open a bottle, cranked some tunes, and gave each challenger 1 hour and set them loose in the studio to pull anything and everything they wanted to style up a killer Cabana.  We had our dear friend David Toquica shoot some photos as well as make stop motion videos of each designer putting their cabana together! And Jackie from Darlington brought by some pretty flowers.

Now it’s  up to you:  vote on your favorite Cabana on  instagram, by noon on Friday  and one of these lovely and talented stylists will win a Teepee! 

The Challengers:
Anthony of  Zio & Sons; Dabito of Old Brand New; Susan + William of House of Brinson
Jessica of Coco & Mingo + Gloria from Little White Whale; Molly + Rawan of Stone Fox Bride


Anthony from Zio and Sons showed up ready to rock.  He cracked open a beer and got down to business- he was super serious about winning the TeePee- no joke.  He had his plan laid out,  had already spent time refining his vision and then darted around the studio scouting out specific pieces he had seen on the site.  He was focused and on fire.  “My vision was to create a surfer beach bungalow. A chic place to relax with a cold beer, between the waves. Inspired by the Tulum and Ralph Lauren lifestyle.

Anthony of zions + sons 1

anthony of zio + sons 2

zio & sons cabana

Cabana Styled by Anthony of Zio & Sons

Anthony of Zio + Sons cabana for the CABANA CHALLENGE from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.


Dabito of Old Brand New  describes himself as a creative creature and a vintage vulture.  What he doesn’t tell you is how adorable, fun and all around awesome he is.  He’s a blogger and stylist who focuses on modern interiors with a vintage sensibility and he’s a big fan of color, loves velvet and clearly has a knack for interior styling.  His regal yet relaxed style shines through in the Cabana he created for the challenge.  Vote for his Cabana here.

dabito of old brand new

Dabito of Old Brand New2

dabito cabana

Cabana Styled by Dabito of Old Brand New

Sequence 01 2 from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.


When Susan and William showed up we knew we were in for a treat.  This adorable,  high energy, happy couple had so much talent between the two of them- watching them work, and getting to know them was really a highlight of this challenge.  They pulled some props that were behind the stacks- flipped rugs over so the back was revealed and worked to tell a story with their styling.  I love their work and love what they did with this Cabana.  “We love layering and luxury, so the Victorians and discovery are something we wanted to interpret. We imagined how Howard Carter might have lived when he discovered tombs in Egypt. The Victorian look of rug layering, and traveling with all of their household luxuries seems so over the top, yet appealing and the permanency of the furniture and rugs against the temporary tent is something we wanted to explore visually.”  Well done House of Brinson!  Vote for them here!

susan + william

susan + william of house of brinson

house of brinson cabana

Cabana Styled by Susan and William of House of Brinson

Sequence 01 1 from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.


Jessica the lovely lady behind Coco and Mingo, and Gloria little creator of Little White Whale worked together to create a neutral oasis with pops of color and personality.  It was so much fun to watch them work together to form the vision, create the plan and then go grab things and style every last detail within 60 minutes.  They did an awesome job.  Vote for them here.

coco & mingo + little white whale

coco & mingo + little white whale 2

coco & mingo + little white whale cabana

Cabana Styled by Jessica of Coco and Mingo and Gloria of Little White Whale

final from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.


Stone Fox Bride is synonymous of sexy, yet understated bohemian style. Molly + Rawan- the ladies behind the brand favor classic shapes and elegance punctuated with boho detaling and dreamy designs.  Their cool styling is dreamy and droolworthy so as you can imagine how stoked we were to have them as part of the challenge!  Here is their inspiration for the Cabana… “our inspiration was a shangrila hashish den circa 1979 marakesh… think Anity Pallenberg in a ratty caftan, Mick Jagger ina leopard thong smoking a hookah and Marianne Faithful in the corner wrapped in a bearskin doing a wildly interpretive qualude-fueled dervish dance, mixed with an early 90’s Venice Beach love den filled with skate bettys and boarders.  A fragrant seaside haven to rinse off the ocean water in between trips to the beach and the half-pipe.  The goal was to make it as comfy. laid-back and mellow as possible.”

Gotta love that.

Check out their Cabana and vote here.

stone fox bride

molly + rawan of stone fox bride

stone fox bride cabana

Cabana Styled by Molly and Rawan of Stone Fox Bride

Molly + Rawan of Stone Fox Bride from Patina Rentals on Vimeo.

Happy Voting friends + good luck to all the talented bloggers that participated in the #PatinaCabanaChallenge!!!!

A Wes Anderson (styled) Wedding

One of our favorite weddings this season was inspired by Wes Anderson films and took place at our beloved Cedar Lake Estates. When we were approached about rentals for this event we were so SO stoked to be a part of it- what an amazing concept for a wedding!! We all immediately took laps around the studio and made lists of items that reminded us of Wes Anderson. We learned we have an entire studios worth of items that fit this role to a tee! Anything with catchy prints or bold solid vibrant colors were a guaranteed yes for this occasion.


Wes Anderson cedar lake wedding

For the ceremony they used our mix + match chairs leading to a teepee on the mountain top that looked like it could be in the next Wes Anderson film!


They put together little vignettes along the inside of the barn each representing little inspired scenes from the films that played off as photobooths.


The sweet jane, oil paintings, suitcase, typewriter, & vintage telephone is the perfect combo to set this scene. We love the faux walls that were used to play off the theme!

wes _anderson_styled_vignette

This vignette reminds us of The Royal Tenenbaums film with the tennis rackets, hourglass side table, liam chair, paintings & traveling cases.


We love the simplicity of the mantle vignette above, with the trophies in an arranged clutter on top. And that wallpaper is simply perfect for the theme of the night!

They even decked out the poolside with our turquoise row chairs and paired the bertoia seats with the palm springs love seats and added the stripey peruvian rug- its so perfect we can’t get enough of these photos!

Turquoise row chair + palm spring

This wedding was done to perfection and we were absolutely wowed by the outcome of these extremely talented stylists from Glitter + Rye & Social Life Events as well as the extraordinary photographer on board, Pat Furey. All these dreamy photographs of the event caught everyones eye! We are so lucky to have such wonderful & talented clients! And congrats to the newly weds: Meghan & Patrick… and thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

wes anderson love

New Moroccan Collection

Patina Rentals | Moroccan Collection

I’m super excited about our new collection of Moroccan Rugs, Pillows, Floor pillows and poufs.  Each of these bad boys came straight from the souks,  it was so much  fun virtually shopping with the Moroccan buyer  but next time I’ll have to go meet her in person and shop together.  Morocco is high up there on my hit list.

Patina Rentals | Moroccan Collection

I love the way these pieces pair with  a Mid Century setting just as much as I do with traditional.    We’ve been trying them with just about everything here in the studio and there are so many ways you can go with this collection.
Patina Rentals |Moroccan Collection

Layer the rugs, use them as wall hangings, stack up the pillows and you are good to go.

Patina Rentals | Moroccan Collection

Our girl Amalia whose official title is fittingly “Studio Gypsy”  singlehandedly conceived planned, built, styled and modeled in this shoot.  She is one hardworking and talented lady!  And David, the same photographer who did our skateboard shoot shot this as well.  The kid has skilz to say the least.  These guys killed it!

Patina Rentals | Moroccan Collection

A Cedar Lake Field Trip

We had the pleasure to take a field trip upstate to Port Jervis, where the whimsical Cedar Lake Estates  is located for a styled shoot. We can’t even begin to sum up how kick ass this place is. There are charming cottages & cabins on the site along with barns, pools (both fresh water & in-ground) , an amphitheater and other such accommodations as well as sweet activities to partake in on this 500 acre estate surrounding the lake. Cedar Lake Estate is truly a paradise for those that love the good outdoors!

cedar lake 5

The root inspirations collected for this shoot was a neo-hippie earthy wedding scenario to compliment the natural woodsy environment of upstate NY. This gave us the most perfect opportunity to let our teepee have its all star moment. We set the teepee up in the amphitheater along with our turkish runners, burlap poufs, Edwin chair, a few lamb skin throws along with a couple floor mats and a few brass candlesticks and it made for such a sweet little boho hippie outdoor lounge over looking the lake.


We set up a little folky seating circle in the near right corner of the amphitheater using the cow hide rug as our base and threw a bundle of our burlap poufs & hourglass stools together.


In the far right corner we latched our hammock onto the sides of the fencing around the amphitheater, threw a turkish runner beneath it and a few peruvian pillows to complete the look. We all wanted to jump in the hammock and get a nice out door nap in the woods after setting it up- with the lake right there- it was just too surreal for words!


Nina, Kate & Jimi of off BEET productions rocked out stunning photos and captured the mood of the set to perfection. They chose to style the brides in stone fox bride dresses which were incredibly perfect for this occasion playing off the neo-hippie look they seeked to grip. The floral arangements & flower crowns were done by Karma Flowers in which they brought a glowing warmth throughout the story. Stacy from Styles on B conquered the hair styles throughout the shoot and Jeanine Mangan killed it as well with the make up artistry, creating a ravishing natural look for the models.

cedar lake 12

cedar lake estate

cedar lake 18

By the end of the shoot we didn’t want to pack up and come back to Brooklyn- we wanted to camp out in our beloved teepee in the sticks of NY! Cedar Lake Estates is a magical place & we were all so lucky to be able to partake in our festivities for this shoot in that location. A big thank you to the beautiful sisters, Lisa & Stephanie Karvellas, of Cedar Lake Estates for being amazing hostesses!

cedar lake 17

Northside ya’ll!

We’ve had a super busy week here at Patina with over 30 deliveries coming and going in just a few days. Whew- we are ready to blow off some steam.   Anyone who is anywhere in the vicinity knows the Northside festival is happening this weekend and the forecast is showing perfect festival weather.  We are excited to see some of our faves like Warpaint, Courtney Bartnett and we heard our  total fave Parquet Courts will be in town.   While you are there, keep an eye out for some of our pieces in the tents- Kim worked with Brooklyn Magazine to design a  bright and summer-y boho backyard  lounge area.  Here’s how they decided to style it…

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.46.02 PM

northside .001

They combined the Palm Springs Love Seats with the Wonder Chairs, Bertoia Chairs and Liam Chair.  The grabbed some Domestic Construction Rope Stools and Hourglass stools and the Slats That Table  for some surface area.  The Peruvian rugs and Mudcloth pillows will add some color and texture.  And the surf boards and croquet sets add some color and fun.

Have a rockin weekend y’all.

How to make decor magic in 5 minutes

The Color Condition collection is a such a fun  and easy way to spice up any gathering. There are so many creative things you can do with these pieces.  And it is super easy to set up anywhere.  We decided to take a field trip to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to play with a few pieces to show how versatile they are in outdoor settings.

The Swags look dreamy flowing down trees.

party people 3

It helps bring attention to signage so I whipped this one up and hung it on the Swag.

party people 2

The Swags can also be pinned onto any gate or fence to be sure all guests know where the party is.

Color Condition Prospect Parl

The baskets look elegant in trees, flowing in the days breeze. It really sets a magical environment making you want The Color Condition Baskets every time you have a picnic or an outdoor event!

colorful basket tree

tree white baskets

Each these looks took us 5 minutes to put up! Who doesn’t like a decoration that can change the whole look of an area just like that?  The Color Condition Collection is a TOTAL game changer for decorating events with so many sweet, sweet ways you can style each piece.  We can’t wait to see what creative ways you all come up with to use The Color Condition- send us pics and we’ll post them!

The Glamourai at Patina!

Did you see? We were featured on The Glamourai earlier this month!  What an honor, I mean seriously.   Erin and Kelly are an amazingly talented, genuine and and overall kick-ass team of biz ladies.   We had such a great time shooting in our space with them;   add in Reid Rolls, who shot these beautiful looks and is one of the nicest and most enthusiastic people I’ve met, Anna O. who just moved to NYC from Poland to start her modeling career, Ana Sicat the talented and lovely makeup artist, our good friend Bess Wyrick some good tunes, Robertas and a big pitcher of infused cucumber mint vodka and this is what you get! Check out what Kelly has to say about expressing yourself through interiors + fashion and her interview with me here. Here are some of my favorite  pics, check out The Glamourai for more.RentPatina1








Before + After

There’s nothing like a good makeover, even though we do them all of the time here at the Studio and they never get old.  Here are 2 of my recent favorites.
Thanks to our upholstery goddess Colleen and after pics from  Amber Gress.
Man oh man, when I  saw the detail on this couch I had to have it.   How cool is that side/ channel tufting? And 5 front legs?  I haven’t come across a sofa like this before.   I decided to update it with a rich navy blue velvet and some brass tack detailing.  Colleen handled that crazy side channel tuft thing like a boss, and we replaced the 2 cushions with one large one.    We named him Cobain- it just seemed fitting.
Before Photo


Cobain Sofa + Paloma Chair | Patina Photo Credit Amber Gress



Check out that side channel tufting and those brass tacks

I fell in love with some Aftrican Tie Die Mudcloth and waiting for the right pieces to come along and use on them.  The texture and design is so unique so I wanted to try it on a more traditional shape.  I grabbed a few antique french armchairs from a flea market a while back and thought they would cool in the mud cloth. I’m really digging the way they turned out.
One of our Paloma Chairs before the makeover.

One of our Paloma Chairs before the makeover.





Our rehab area is filled to the brim with vintage pieces being redone. Stay tuned for more before + afters coming soon.

Once Upon a… Cabana


The wintery weather that carried over in to spring left us needing a little Summer in our lives .  The Cabana, part of the collection made by the amazing ladies at Domestic Construction combined with some colorful props and furniture did the trick.   We put up our handy dandy Cabana and styled it with worldly surfer huts in mind bringing us around the globe to all our favorite tropical destinations.


 We started our inspiration around the Palm Spring Love seats & our sweet sweet surfboard collection. From there- our ideas started pumping through the studio! With surfers in mind, everything started coming together- tropical fruits in our macrame basket, Peruvian throw pillows on the floor, a 1960’s television took a wonderful role on top of our sequins tables stacked on each other as well as our laguna side tables all helping to create an island themed cabana. We threw the sisal rug in there which is the most perfect neutral bind master of rugs pulling everything together.


Our mudcloth pillows gave the cabana a neat hippy vibe binding the look we were going for. The Nash coffee table was another key element to pulling off this look. It’s sleek mid century vibe takes it up a notch and the transparency grabs the texture of the sisal rug showcasing its warmth throughout the cabana.

Once it was up & styled we got real comfy and made ourselves a drink and instantly felt better about life.

Thanks to Amber Gress for the dope pics!

Mix Tape Playlist y’all!

After a crew huddle or two about what we would feature as our ultimate give- away at the roller jam we came up with a grand idea! The usb cassette flash drives made by Milktape are such a sick idea & we all had a brain explosion of goodness once we confirmed this was the direction we wanted to go as far as our give-away gift. As soon as we found these bad boys we asked our superstar dj dude- Chances With Wolves- to create a mind blowing playlist to have downloaded onto them. He killed it with some old school roller rink jams circling everyone back to memories of being in the rink during their adolescence as well as helping make this be a token of memoires from the roller jam bash. Below is the kick ass playlist he created.

1. Raydio- more than one way to love a woman

2. Hackney Collery Band- Africa

3. The Blackbyrds- rock creek park

4. Vaughn Mason- bounce, rock, skate, roll

5. Ronnie Hudson- west coast poplock

6. Zapp- dance floor

7. William Devaughn- Be thankful for what you’ve got

8. De La Soul- A rollerskating jam named saturdays

9. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band- Whispering-cherchez la femme

10. Funka delic- Not just knee deep

11. Chemise- She can’t love you

12. Balba and Kanchan- kuch gadbad hai

13. Mary Jane Girls- In my house

14. Frankie Smith- Double dutch bus

15. Cher- Hell on Wheels

16. Melanie- Brand New Key

Once they arrived- we popped one into our music system in the studio & listened to it on repeat while we brainstormed early 90’s pick up lines & mix tape scenarios. I must say designing each cover as a unique mix tape experience was the most fun we could have with them. After hours of pure laughter & mega creative made up scenarios crushes go through to create a mix tape we had a pile sky high of give aways that fit the roller jam bash to a tee.


Everyone should have this playlist saved in their computer to bring on such the wonderful moments we all shared together! Its quite the memorable playlist & we can’t stop listening to it!!


Roller Jam Bar

Upon planning our drink menu for the roller jam,  we were SO  stoked to see that Six Point Brewery, Morris Kitchen & Clover Club were game to take care of the bar menu. They each ruled & sparkled at this disco bringing a special element to the table.


Six Point Brewery hooked it up BIG time with two of their best beers on the market- Sweet Action & The Crisp delighting each beer drinkers night with a delicious cold brew!


Morris Kitchen ensembled quite a cocktail fit for the party using Tito’s Vodka, their own homemade ginger syrup, a squeeze of lime juice and a splash of seltzer on top. Now if that doesn’t scream YUM i don’t know what does! The only name that we thought fit this drink was of course: The Suzanne Somers. Just thoughts of her on Three’s Company floating about on skates made us think this would be her post roller rink cocktail of choice. The Suzanne Somers was a hit at the party!



Clover Club concocted a great looking & tasty cocktail that was also a huge hit at the roller jam. This snazzy drink was made up of gin, grapefruit juice, aperol, & a splash of prosecco. This drink was off the hook as well! The name for this drink that fit like a glove was ‘The Patrick Swayze’. We watched a video of him whipping around the roller rink in the 1979 flick ‘Skatetown USA’ like the roller dancing prince he was and knew this drink name was fit for the occasion!


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography_Patrcik_Swayze Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography

The bar menu was a huge hit & our bartenders had the bar on check all night. We couldn’t be more happier with how the menu turned out and that Six Point Brewery, Morris Kitchen, and Clover Club were all a part of it- ruling life with their amazing contributions! Cheers!

Patina x The Color Condition

Our newest collab with the The Color Condition is outta control.  These installation artists out of Dallas really know how to transform a space with Color, Texture and Movement.  Now through this collaboration, you can now have The Color Condition at your event or photo shoot.  Everything for this collection was created with your rental needs in mind:   There are 4 basic elements( Panels, Swag, Baskets and The Canopy)  in 3 different Colorways ( Neutral, Warm, Cool)  that allow you to easily mix and match to create beautiful and unique spaces, see the full rental collection here.   Each lightweight  piece is simple to hang with a ladder and some zip ties. Afraid of heights, not a problem we can help install.  While the basic elements are simple, the combinations, possibilities are and placement are endless.  We are all  completely smitten over here, now there isn’t a room we walk into, or a courtyard we walk by that we don’t want to cover in streamers.  But we are most excited to see what y’all  do with it- our clients are the most creative bunch of people ever.  Send us an email and we’ll get you over a line sheet with pricing and the install guide which will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about The Color Condition Collection.  And check out these incredible images from Amber Gress and this video from Love + Brain Films.

Patina x The Color Condition Look book 4

Patina x The Color Condtion Look Book 3

Patina x The Color Condition Look Book 1

Sneak Peek:Patina x The Color Condition

We’ve been planning a collection with the super-talented artist duo The Color Condition since the Fall.  The collection is scheduled to officially launch the first week of April, but the Patina RollerJam was our big coming out party.  Sunny and Marianne came in from Dallas  for their NYC debut at  The 1896.    The high ceilings and exposed beams made it the perfect place to create a surreal colorful dream world.   It was pretty mindblowing to see it all come to life. There is so much depth and texture on each piece, and the bright color and beautiful movement brings a crazy-good energy to a space. I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing images.  Check out a few party pics from Chellise Michael Photography for a sneak peek,  full details to come about the new collection in just a few days!

Patina x The Color Condition pins

Patina x The Color Condition pins

I love the way the color pops amongst the neutrals.

I love the way the color pops amongst the neutrals.

Pinks, rust, copper and gold.

Pinks, rust, copper and gold.

Patina x The Color Condition

The back of this panel is just as beautiful as the front.

Patina furniture + Color Condition at The 1896

Patina furniture + Color Condition at The 1896

A loft view of the top of Canopy.  Even the back of it is badass.

A loft view of the top of Canopy. Even the back of it is badass.

Me, Sunny and Marianne. Love these ladies.

Me, Sunny and Marianne after a long day. Love these ladies.

Yeah Boyee it’s the 2nd Annual Patina RollerJam

Last year we had our first Patina Roller Jam.   We had just moved into our studio and had some room to spare- so we decided to have a throw-back roller skating party and invite our clients and partners.  People had some fun. For real.    So of course, we had to do it again.  This time we had some new things going on, first- our studio is jam packed so we had to find the right venue to host the party.  Second, we are launching a new collaboration with The Color Condition and wanted to show it off  in a big way to all of our guests ( more details on that to come soon- promise.  But here’s a hint kids, everything at the Roller Jam is available for rent).    Patina was born out of the need for better event decor, being in the planning biz for so long I realized the options were pretty limited which is why I started this company, so our goal for this party was to not just do the same old thing, but to show everyone a different kind of experience, different than they had last year, and different than they’ve had well, maybe ever.  Here’s a rundown- more blog posts with deets to come over the next few days.


So this is what we did:  We planned an old skool roller skating party with some pretty epic twists.    We invited our best friends and clients to party with us, and let me tell you, our people really like to have a good time. They came ready to party.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Room Decor

We decided to do it hood-style,  many of our partners in crime were from Brooklyn and a bunch from our immediate neighborhood Bushwick. We hooked up with our neighbors and good friends at The 1896 Studios and Stages.  They are right down the block and have the most insane old factory building where they do editorial shoots, music videos, tv shows and some pretty cool events.  Jen, Kristin and Loren were the perfect hosts for the evening.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography lighting by Kayne Live

We asked Kenan AKA Chances with Wolves, or one half of the talented duo Les Loups to DJ the party again.  His set from last year was totally insane so I knew we’d be in for a crazy good time this year.  And, I was right- he was outta control- I mean the shit he pulled out- so goood.   Benji at Kayne Live were the pro’s behind making Kenan sound good and keeping the dance floor full with their full team of super nice AV pro’s.  I mean they just killed it.  If you are looking for someone to do your party hire them- don’t think twice.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography - Photo of Kenan Juske

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography Patina x Color Condtion

 Roberta’s fired up their Pizza oven in the courtyard,  Cool Haus rolled their truck right into The 1896, and SixPoint Brewery, Morris Kitchen and the Clover Club rocked the bar.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Cool Haus ice cream sandwiches

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography- reclaimed bars

The whole event was captured by Chelise Michael Photography and Courtney from Love + Brain FilmsWe Love Photobooths was there and The Bosco instgram station printed hundreds instagrams that were tagged #PatinaRollerJam throughout the night.  All of the images on this post were done by Chelise.


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Patina Girl-skating

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography- Roller Conga Line

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Breakdancing on skates


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Run DMC with Color Condtion

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1106Stay tuned more pictures, blog posts and details to come over the next few days;  Check out the video by Courtney from Love + Brain.  We can’t stop watching it.