Roller Jam Bar

Upon planning our drink menu for the roller jam,  we were SO  stoked to see that Six Point Brewery, Morris Kitchen & Clover Club were game to take care of the bar menu. They each ruled & sparkled at this disco bringing a special element to the table.


Six Point Brewery hooked it up BIG time with two of their best beers on the market- Sweet Action & The Crisp delighting each beer drinkers night with a delicious cold brew!


Morris Kitchen ensembled quite a cocktail fit for the party using Tito’s Vodka, their own homemade ginger syrup, a squeeze of lime juice and a splash of seltzer on top. Now if that doesn’t scream YUM i don’t know what does! The only name that we thought fit this drink was of course: The Suzanne Somers. Just thoughts of her on Three’s Company floating about on skates made us think this would be her post roller rink cocktail of choice. The Suzanne Somers was a hit at the party!



Clover Club concocted a great looking & tasty cocktail that was also a huge hit at the roller jam. This snazzy drink was made up of gin, grapefruit juice, aperol, & a splash of prosecco. This drink was off the hook as well! The name for this drink that fit like a glove was ‘The Patrick Swayze’. We watched a video of him whipping around the roller rink in the 1979 flick ‘Skatetown USA’ like the roller dancing prince he was and knew this drink name was fit for the occasion!


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography_Patrcik_Swayze Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography

The bar menu was a huge hit & our bartenders had the bar on check all night. We couldn’t be more happier with how the menu turned out and that Six Point Brewery, Morris Kitchen, and Clover Club were all a part of it- ruling life with their amazing contributions! Cheers!

Patina x The Color Condition

Our newest collab with the The Color Condition is outta control.  These installation artists out of Dallas really know how to transform a space with Color, Texture and Movement.  Now through this collaboration, you can now have The Color Condition at your event or photo shoot.  Everything for this collection was created with your rental needs in mind:   There are 4 basic elements( Panels, Swag, Baskets and The Canopy)  in 3 different Colorways ( Neutral, Warm, Cool)  that allow you to easily mix and match to create beautiful and unique spaces, see the full rental collection here.   Each lightweight  piece is simple to hang with a ladder and some zip ties. Afraid of heights, not a problem we can help install.  While the basic elements are simple, the combinations, possibilities are and placement are endless.  We are all  completely smitten over here, now there isn’t a room we walk into, or a courtyard we walk by that we don’t want to cover in streamers.  But we are most excited to see what y’all  do with it- our clients are the most creative bunch of people ever.  Send us an email and we’ll get you over a line sheet with pricing and the install guide which will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about The Color Condition Collection.  And check out these incredible images from Amber Gress and this video from Love + Brain Films.

Patina x The Color Condition Look book 4

Patina x The Color Condtion Look Book 3

Patina x The Color Condition Look Book 1


Sneak Peek:Patina x The Color Condition

We’ve been planning a collection with the super-talented artist duo The Color Condition since the Fall.  The collection is scheduled to officially launch the first week of April, but the Patina RollerJam was our big coming out party.  Sunny and Marianne came in from Dallas  for their NYC debut at  The 1896.    The high ceilings and exposed beams made it the perfect place to create a surreal colorful dream world.   It was pretty mindblowing to see it all come to life. There is so much depth and texture on each piece, and the bright color and beautiful movement brings a crazy-good energy to a space. I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing images.  Check out a few party pics from Chellise Michael Photography for a sneak peek,  full details to come about the new collection in just a few days!

Patina x The Color Condition pins

Patina x The Color Condition pins

I love the way the color pops amongst the neutrals.

I love the way the color pops amongst the neutrals.

Pinks, rust, copper and gold.

Pinks, rust, copper and gold.


Patina x The Color Condition

The back of this panel is just as beautiful as the front.

Patina furniture + Color Condition at The 1896

Patina furniture + Color Condition at The 1896

A loft view of the top of Canopy.  Even the back of it is badass.

A loft view of the top of Canopy. Even the back of it is badass.

Me, Sunny and Marianne. Love these ladies.

Me, Sunny and Marianne after a long day. Love these ladies.



Yeah Boyee it’s the 2nd Annual Patina RollerJam

Last year we had our first Patina Roller Jam.   We had just moved into our studio and had some room to spare- so we decided to have a throw-back roller skating party and invite our clients and partners.  People had some fun. For real.    So of course, we had to do it again.  This time we had some new things going on, first- our studio is jam packed so we had to find the right venue to host the party.  Second, we are launching a new collaboration with The Color Condition and wanted to show it off  in a big way to all of our guests ( more details on that to come soon- promise.  But here’s a hint kids, everything at the Roller Jam is available for rent).    Patina was born out of the need for better event decor, being in the planning biz for so long I realized the options were pretty limited which is why I started this company, so our goal for this party was to not just do the same old thing, but to show everyone a different kind of experience, different than they had last year, and different than they’ve had well, maybe ever.  Here’s a rundown- more blog posts with deets to come over the next few days.


So this is what we did:  We planned an old skool roller skating party with some pretty epic twists.    We invited our best friends and clients to party with us, and let me tell you, our people really like to have a good time. They came ready to party.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Room Decor

We decided to do it hood-style,  many of our partners in crime were from Brooklyn and a bunch from our immediate neighborhood Bushwick. We hooked up with our neighbors and good friends at The 1896 Studios and Stages.  They are right down the block and have the most insane old factory building where they do editorial shoots, music videos, tv shows and some pretty cool events.  Jen, Kristin and Loren were the perfect hosts for the evening.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography lighting by Kayne Live

We asked Kenan AKA Chances with Wolves, or one half of the talented duo Les Loups to DJ the party again.  His set from last year was totally insane so I knew we’d be in for a crazy good time this year.  And, I was right- he was outta control- I mean the shit he pulled out- so goood.   Benji at Kayne Live were the pro’s behind making Kenan sound good and keeping the dance floor full with their full team of super nice AV pro’s.  I mean they just killed it.  If you are looking for someone to do your party hire them- don’t think twice.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography - Photo of Kenan Juske

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography Patina x Color Condtion

 Roberta’s fired up their Pizza oven in the courtyard,  Cool Haus rolled their truck right into The 1896, and SixPoint Brewery, Morris Kitchen and the Clover Club rocked the bar.

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Cool Haus ice cream sandwiches

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography- reclaimed bars

The whole event was captured by Chelise Michael Photography and Courtney from Love + Brain FilmsWe Love Photobooths was there and The Bosco instgram station printed hundreds instagrams that were tagged #PatinaRollerJam throughout the night.  All of the images on this post were done by Chelise.


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Patina Girl-skating

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography- Roller Conga Line

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Breakdancing on skates


Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-Run DMC with Color Condtion

Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1106Stay tuned more pictures, blog posts and details to come over the next few days;  Check out the video by Courtney from Love + Brain.  We can’t stop watching it.

Pretty Rad(ish)

Why the hell is it below freezing in March?  I just can’t take it anymore- I’m turning my thoughts to warm sunny days on the farm.   Check out this rad shoot that Les Loups and the rest of these supa stars did at BK Grange, our favorite warm and sunny roof top farm in Brooklyn.    See the full gallery  and a roster of all of the talent behind this  here.




Snowy days in Brooklyn

As the winter leads us into a snowy wonderland, we naturally wanted to flee the city and retreat to a cozy ski lodge on a mountain top. ahh the smell of a burnin’ fireplace and the sound of rocks twirling in a glass of bourbon is what gets us cracklin’ to the sounds of an old fashioned NY winter. So… why not bring a ski lodge to the studio before we all get that well dreaded cabin fever feeling! Just picture it- you & a handful of your favorite faces gathered up on some snuggy sofas with some wool throws, a library of books, grandpas old cough medicine, oil paintings up the wazoo . And lets not forget– you’d of course be bobbin your head to some old timey records. Now that sounds like bliss to me. Good ol’ Bushwicktown looks good with a ski lodge in it– now if only we could build them black diamond mountains in our backyard to pair with it…

Ski Lodge 2Ski lodge 4 ski lodge 8ski lodge 7 Ski Lodge 1ski lodge 6

We heart: Amber + Courtney

We are so lucky here at Patina, we get to work with a lot, and I mean a lot of talented peeps.   One of my favorite things about this whole gig is working with creative people and witnessing the magic that comes from a collaborating on a project or idea.   And that’s exactly what happened when we asked Amber Gress and Courtney Arcese to shoot  our Patina x Domestic Construction shoot last month. Magic.   These ladies really brought their A-game to the project.   They are filled with amazing ideas, awesome energy, a collaborative nature, and an appetite for perfection.    One of the reasons our new collection was so well received because of the hard work and creative energy they put behind shooting it- these ladies have mad-skillz- check out more work from  Courtney, and  Amber and some of the images from the shoot.Patina x Domestic Construction 20

Domestic Construction Collection for Patina

I’m excited to announce our new collab with Domestic Construction.  These Brooklyn ladies are so badass, they concept, design and fabricate handcrafted, one of a kind sets, event decor and furnishings in their Greenpoint studio. I  started working with Trish in the Fall to design a collection that would appeal  to the Patina clients needs, and would incorporate the textured, layered feel that Domestic Construction is known for.   I’m totally in love with the results.   Hand painted,  hand sewn pieces that  balance softness with chunky details.  Naturals textures and neutral colors are accented by sparkles and sequins.  Its a totally cohesive collection, but each and every piece can stand alone.   And everything works so well with the Patina collection- its a killer collab check it out here.  And, it’s the  first of several collaborations we are launching this year with some dope designers and crazy talented artists to flip the event industry design on its head.



Domestic Construction for Patina

Domestic Construction girls building the collection

domestic construction for Patina

Domestic Construction girls building the collection.


Dear 2014,   It’s so nice to meet you.  You seem very exciting.  We can’t wait to get to know you better.  Xoxo Patina

Happy 2014

Bottoms up

All things bar related have been on my mind lately, I could blame it on all of the holiday partying I’ve been doing lately but that would just be an excuse.   As someone who can usually be found either attending, or hosting a party anytime of the year, I’ve bellied up to a bar or two in my time.   And y’all know that here at Patina we take our drinking seriously.  So it’s no surprise that I have quite a few opinions on bars, the look,  the drinks, the size, the servers, all of it.  To me,  it’s one of the more important aspects to entertaining- it sets the mood and it gives event planners a way to make a statement, get creative and set the tone.   As I continue to expand our bar collection you’ll see some more rad vintage bar carts,  new custom bars made from reclaimed wood ( from Brooklyn) that come in 5ft and 10ft lengths, and  some cool vintage decanters and barware.  The new pieces will round out our already crazy popular bar items the Crank Tables and Raise the Bar Stools.  Check back soon for the new pieces or get in touch with Kim for a preview.  Cheers!

Mod Bar Cart, Gray Lady Chair

1960′s Bar Cart, Gray Lady Chair


Rad 1960's wood veneer and brass bar cart from Patina.

Rad 1960′s wood veneer and brass bar cart.


Baby's got Brass Bar Cart | Patina

Baby’s got Brass Bar Cart


I’m still recovering from too much egg nog and roast beast. Only a few more days of my very sloth-y vacation filled with cozy fires, board games and booze, then I can put my new lulu lemons and spiffy new juicer to good use.  But I’m feeling no guilt at all, in fact just the opposite. I’m totally reveling in the much needed week of nothing, so  here is well overdue 60′s inspired holiday post shot by Ro of Les Loups, produced by our good friend Melissa McNeely  shot and her crew of merry collaborators in our studio.  Check out the full post and credits here.

XMAS_SHOOT-120 mcneeley_holiday XMAS_SHOOT-26 mcneely_holiday2 xmas2-4

On tables & gatherings…


Fall and winter are synonymous in my mind with cooking big meals & gathering at home with friends and family. Ever since I picked up a copy of The Kinfolk Table: Recipes For Small Gatherings I’ve been thinking a lot bout the simple dining table and how important it becomes as we enter the season of gatherings & holidays. A table and chairs by themselves are nothing spectacular. They’re a place to sit, and surface to eat upon. But when we bring together a group of people around a table, it’s purpose and meaning can be transformed into something so much more meaningful. It’s a place where we can sit side-by-side with the people we love & linger over old stories and a good bottle of wine. It becomes a connecting point. A hub of togetherness.

We recently set up one of our Barn Wood Tables in the studio & surrounded it with our new Bistro Chairs as a nod to gatherings & to the feelings of warmth and nostalgia that it brings. It’s our hope that these photos will possibly inspire your own holiday table, or at the very least inspire an appreciation for all of the gifts that it gives us. Photos by Amber Gress.


We Heart: Our Intern Amalia


Amalia joined us last week as our fall intern & jumped right in prepping for our Dream Lounge Event (check out our recap here). She’s an artist, crafter, & all around creative lady and we’re thrilled that she’s lending us her talents for the next few months. I’ll let Amalia take it away from here (photo by Bekka Palmer).

Sup Patina lovahs!

I’ll start by letting you know I fully live in a nostalgic land that sets place… in my brain. However, I settled here in Bushwick traveling from the great lands & sticks of upstate NY. A country gal if you will. I have a background in visual merchandising, interior design, & event decor. Stumbling upon Patina, brought me back to planet earth, helping me realize that bits  & pieces of my imaginary land exist. And not to mention… so close to my home, instead of buried in the depth of my brain & in the pages of Tim Walkers style books.

Patina is an extremely rare bird, not only in NY but also world wide. Run by the most talented & warmly passionate ladies. The creativity flows like fine wine in this insightfully colorful studio. Inspired by all things Patina, as well as traveling gypsies & native americans, makes me want to pitch a tent/teepee combo thing & set up camp in each nook & cranny of the studio. So far as a Patina lady, I’ve assisted with curating looks for a shoot for Sweet Paul Magazine and helped style, decorate, and work an amazing event for engaged couples to build their own dream lounge for their wedding. Both have been a great success & super fun to help with. Not only are Corrin, Michelle, and Kim fun and amaze-balls, but their clients rule too! The environment these gals have created is simply magical & I’m so proud to be a part of it!

On the side I design dreamcatchers, paper flowers & headdresses as well as learning how to wire objects to start making lamps for a shop I recently launched on Etsy called The Peddler’s Trunk. I’m constantly crafting about town and am instantly inspired by all the gardens, street art, tin ceilings, weathered furniture, fire escapes & vintage NY playbills. I also do light extra work, as well as freelance & design props for an interior designer uptown. My home life & relationship closely mirrors the ‘I Love Lucy’ show with two mini dachshund sidekicks, Rhubarb & Banjo who seem to steal all the thunder!

Living in a day dream floating through Brooklyn has been quite the experience & now that Patina has been added in, is just the cherry on top of the most delightful ice cream sunday.

What’s your Story?


We spent the day yesterday at the Nearly Impossible Conference which was a new conference for startups in the biz of making physical things.   There were so many great speakers spewing all sorts of amazing entrepreneurial advice all over 501 Union, but really it can be summed up in just a few words: It’s about the Story.

Dave Bias from the Impossible Project shared the importance of the story.  The company didn’t have a shippable product for almost 2 years but managed to significantly grow awareness base because they crafted their story in a shareable way that their fan base (which he lovingly referred to as nerds) could easily get behind and share with others.  Rachel Shechtman believes in the value of a good story so much, she started a retail store called Story – she gave a great talk extolling the virtues of a story and how it can get you anywhere – even an impossible dinner reservation.

Seth Godin’s genius advice flowed freely for about an hour while he fielded questions from the intimate crowd and covered everything from funding, to entrepreneurship models for the anti-social to social media. But he kept coming back around to one central theme (of course he did, he’s Seth Godin) which was that everything we have done as entrepreneurs, getting your product right, costs down, infrastructure set up etc. was the easy part; the hard part is really honing on in who you are, what your product story is and how you will build your company and brand to back that story. With so many new products on the market, and the endless shelf space of the internet, owning your story, and putting it out there in a way that makes people want to share it is the only way to succeed.  As he put it, “Congratulations, you all are no longer in the business you think you are. You are now in the  content publishing business”.

But,  he wasn’t advocating spinning any old story that would stick –  he was about diving deep and finding your own authentic story.  He was about keeping it real-being more YOU than any impostor can ever be.  He summed it up by saying  “I have no doubt you will succeed… but will it matter?”

A Maker’s Manifesto

Rusty and Lauren from the Nearly Impossible Conference contacted us to see if we would be interested in working with them on their new project.   Once they told me who was involved and what the purpose was, it was hard to control my excitement.  All of my business crushes were somehow involved, either speaking, sponsoring or attending.   So naturally, I jumped on it.   Being a serial entrepreneur I’m kind of addicted to these non- conference-y conferences.  And since Patina is focused on making and re-making physical products, which is the focus of the conference, the fit couldn’t have been more perfect.     So we’ll be spending the next few days amongst the coolest group of entrepreneurial experts that Brooklyn has seen lately and we’ll share all of the goodness that comes from this conference with you because we know that many of our clients and collaborators are making cool shit for a living too- so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’ve had this manifesto of sorts lingering around my brain for a long while now.  It’s been kind of an internal thing, a silent guiding principal but in light of this gathering I’ve decided to share a little bit of  it with the other peeps making cool shit for a living.   So here it is- its raw, if you have any thoughts on how to build it-  add yours below in the comments or through the hashtag #makersmanifesto and we’ll compile everything into one place and put it out there for whoever wants it.




Del Posto Halloween Party

Halloween is by far one of our favorite holidays here at Patina. So when the restaurant Del Posto asked us to collaborate with them on their “Big Top” themed Halloween Party, we couldn’t have been more psyched! Their designer Hao Lam came to us with an incredible inspiration board, filled with deep saturated hues & playful color combinations.


We used this inspiration board to pull together three distinctive lounge areas using our PerryLola & Bardot sofas as anchors.We added bright pops of color with the Sweet Jane Chair and Gwen Chairs, and used our Vintage Travel Trunks to give that distinctive big top feel. We also helped create a whimsical cabinet of curiosities filled with antlers, globes, vintage books and cameras. We’re so psyched with the way everything came together & couldn’t have asked for a better set of collaborators! You can see more inspiration images on our Sideshow Style Board on Pinterest, but here are some of our favorite pieces from the party & how it all came together… 

delposto_halloween delposto_2



Last Tuesday we co-hosted our very first Dream Lounge event with Brooklyn Bride. We welcomed a bunch of couples into the studio, popped champagne & armed them with our handy style map to chart the course to their dream wedding lounges. We decked out the studio with each of the four styles – Happy Mod, Boho Glam, Single Malt & Industrial Farmhouse - and let the couples snag pieces to their hearts content.

Ryan Brown Catering also served up some AMAZING treats for our guests – black truffle macaroni & cheese, deviled quail’s egg with peekytoe crab, braised shortribs on creamy polenta & the most mouth-watering hazelnut-chocolate mousse in pretzel cups! Needless to say, we’re still dreaming about his creations.

IMG_1114 IMG_1090 dreamlounge IMG_1088 openhouse_2

Thanks so much to everyone who came, saw & snagged! And an extra big THANK YOU to everyone who made it all possible – Vané from Brooklyn Bride, Ryan from Ryan Brown CateringBekka Palmer for our fantastic photos, our bartender Jamie & our new intern Amalia. You guys rock! And thanks so much for making magic with us…

If you’re interested in attending our next Dream Lounge event, or making an appointment to snag your own dream lounge – check out our style map & email

What’s your style profile?

Planning an event? Overwhelmed from Pinspiration overload?  Use our handy dandy decision tree to help you narrow your focus and get the style that makes the most sense for you!

Check out our Style Boards to see which pieces to use to get your look.  It’s as simple as that.   Happy Mod,  Boho Glam, Single Malt and Industrial Farmhouse 

Hint:  Wanna mix it up a bit?  Go ahead, play around. Mix in Happy Mod with some Boho Glam. Or some Boho Glam with some Single Malt. But try and stick with about 75% of your decor from one category and the remaining 25% will add a cool twist. Have fun!

Comment below on your results.