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SHIPPING COSTS: Standard delivery rates are $450 each way. Additional fees may apply for off hours or out of area deliveries. Please check our FAQs here.

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SHIPPING COSTS: Standard delivery rates are $400 each way. Additional fees may apply for off hours or out of area deliveries. Please check our FAQs here.

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Please be sure to check out our rental policies before moving forward with your rental. If you have any questions about the information below please reach out to for assistance.


Reservations and Deposits :

Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of the items reflected therein. We require payment of a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total anticipated amount due in connection with your rental in order to secure your reservation, with payment in full of the balance not less than 7 days prior to delivery of the Rented Items.

Substitutions :

All orders remain subject to availability at all times. If any Items become unavailable, Patina reserves the right to replace such Items with one or more similar item, or cancel any reservation, order or rental made or accepted, and refund any amounts previously paid to and received by, Patina with respect to such Items.

Changes to Reservations :

Modifications to a reservation may generally be made at any time up to 7 days prior to the originally scheduled date of your event. You may, however, add items to your reservation at any time up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery date/time (the deposit will be increased by 50% of any additional items).

Cancellations :

After placing your order, if you cancel your rental: (a) more than 21 days prior to your originally scheduled event, we will refund your Deposit in full, If you cancel your rental (b) 21 days or less prior to your originally scheduled event, your deposit is non-refundable. (c) If you cancel 7 days prior you agree to pay Patina 100% of the estimated rent and other charges due under your Rental Contract upon demand, and authorize Patina to charge that amount to any debit or credit card(s) you provide.

Cancellation Policy :

(a) 30 Days Prior to the Delivery or Will Call Pick Up

Orders cancelled up to 30 days prior to the delivery and or will call pick up date, will receive a full refund.

(b) With-in 30 Days but more than 7 Days Prior to the Delivery or Will Call Pick Up 

Orders cancelled within 30 days but more than 7 days prior to the delivery and or will call pick up date will receive 50% percent refund of the total order (tax included).

(c) Orders cancelled within 7 days of Delivery or Will Call Pick Up

Orders cancelled within 7 days of the delivery and or will call pick up date are not eligible for refund of the order.

Delivery Fees will be refunded if cancelled with in 7 days.

Covid Policy :

If the State/Town/County in which the event is being held declare that events/gatherings are prohibited due to Covid restrictions, Clients will receive a full refund for their order as long as the cancellation is prior to 5 days of the event.  If the cancellation is within 5 days of the delivery date/will call pick up, Patina will charge a 25% processing fee for the order- Including Tax but excluding delivery fees.

If an event is cancelled due to any other reason related to Covid, the standard Patina cancellation policy will be followed.

Postponement Policy

Patina will work with clients who need to postpone their event for any reason.

If Postponement occurs 7 days or more before scheduled Delivery and or Will Call Pick Up

In this case there will be no charge to postpone the order up to 1 year.  Patina cannot guarantee all items on the original order will be available at the new selected date, but will work to ensure similar items can be utilized.

If Postponement Occurs within 7 Days of the original Delivery and or Will Call Pick Up, Patina will charge a 25% processing fee including Tax- excluding Delivery Fee.

If a postponed event is subsequently cancelled at a later date, the client will be refunded according to when the original postponement occurred related to the standard Patina Cancellation Policy.

Rental Rates :

Rental rates are typically quoted on a per day basis unless otherwise stated. The standard rental term is 24 hours however rates vary for multi-day rentals. The Rent will be charged for the entire Rental Term, regardless of whether or how much/often the Rented Items are used during such Term. If the item is returned late, the daily rental rate will be charged to the credit care you provide. Please Note: Advertised rental rates are subject to change without notice. Quoted rental rates do not include taxes or delivery charges.

Final Counts and Payment :

We require final counts and payment in full 7 days prior to your originally scheduled delivery date. Failure to provide final payment or sign your Rental Contract prior to the subject 7-day advance deadline may result in your rental and scheduled delivery being delayed or cancelled, in which event, you will remain responsible for all amounts due and coming due under your Rental Contract.

Contracts & Certificate of Insurance (COI) :

Patina requires 5 business days to review all supplemental client and or venue contracts or clauses that are additional to our contract. Additionally Patina requires 5 business days for all Insurance endorsements.

II. Delivery Services

Delivery Charges :

Patina offers delivery and of Load Out of Rented Items for an additional fee. The fee is typically based on the size of the order, the number of people required to render the requested services, and the travel time/distance required. Unless otherwise separately agreed by Patina, all deliveries and load outs will be limited to a reasonable distance from the delivery vehicles.

All Deliveries include assembly, set up, and placement of the Rented Items. Upon completion of your rental, our delivery crew will disassemble, break down and remove such items. Patina will not set up, remove or place items that are not rented from Patina. Patina does not perform installations and Patina’s representatives will not utilize ladders or platforms to assemble or install Rented Items.

Delivery charges are specifically attributed to the agreed upon delivery dates and times. You may change the date and/or time of delivery and/or load out up to 5 days in advance of the originally scheduled delivery / pick-up date and time without additional cost. Changes to the delivery or pick up dates and times made within 5 days of the originally scheduled delivery / pick-up date and time will be subject to a $300 Change Fee.

Additional Delivery Fees :

Please notify us when you place your order if you anticipate the need for any services requiring additional time and/or effort outside of our normal delivery services. For example, additional charges may apply if:

  • Any deliveries or retrievals are to be made up or down stairs or slopes, over/around/through obstacles or narrow/difficult passages.
  • Outdoor conditions such as carrying items through a field, over sand, on cobblestone, on a dock.
  • Our delivery crew is required to wait 30 minutes or more to provide, or during provision of, any services.
  • A time specific delivery is required.
  • Delivery or pickup after normal business hours or holidays.

Preparing the Delivery Site :

It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery/use location is properly prepared, reasonably clean, safe, secure, and otherwise fit for delivery and use of the Rented Items, and to ensure that such Rented Items fit through all doorways and passages, onto elevators, and up/down stairwells, prior to the date/time our delivery crew scheduled to arrive. Rented Items being returned because they do not readily fit through such passageways will be charged in full.

Signing Off on Deliveries and Load Outs :

Please plan to be present, or to have an authorized representative present, upon delivery and retrieval to count, verify and sign off on the condition and status of the Rented Items.

During Load Out if rental items cannot be found by Patina and the on site contact is not present or cannot find the item/s, Patina may be forced to return at a later date to pick up the item, if this occurs a subsequent delivery fee may be charged.

Prepping for Load Outs :

It is your responsibility to ensure the Site and all Rented Items are ready for load out prior to our scheduled retrieval date. This includes making sure all Rented Items are complete, reasonably clean, and readily accessible to/by our delivery crew. Our crew will wrap, disassemble and remove all rented items.

Will Call Orders :

Certain items are available for will call. Pick up and return must be performed only by qualified, insured and licensed drivers using one or more clean, legally compliant, roadworthy and fully enclosed vehicle. We do not permit our property to be transported in or on open vehicles, pick up trucks, roofs or open trailers. You will be solely responsible for: (a) the safety of, and any damage to, vehicles and/or trailers; (b) placing and securing the Rented Item(s); (c) safely transporting them to the Site; and (d) ensuring that none of such Rented Item(s) is/are damaged or soiled during transportation or otherwise during the term of the rental.

A Certificate of Insurance (“COI”), among other things, naming Patina Rentals as an additional insured and loss payee (see additional Insurance requirements below) is required for all Pick Up Orders. Pick-ups and drop-offs can only be made by appointment.

Will Call is Self Serve :

Rental orders will be prepped and ready for transport in the patina warehouse.  Our Warehouse team can assist getting items to/from the loading dock, however Patina employees will not load or unload a vehicle. Patina does not provide any moving tools such as dollies or handtrucks.

Loss, Damage charges and Bad Weather Cancellations :

Protecting furniture during the rental period: Loss, Damage and Destruction:

You will be responsible for the protection and proper use, care and security of all Rented Items at all times during your rental period, and for paying all major repair and replacement costs (up to the full new replacement value) for any and all Rented Items lost, damaged, destroyed or otherwise not returned to Patina as and when required under your Rental Contract. Such responsibility includes the obligation to protect the Rented Items from severe and inclement weather. Patina Rentals reserves the right to request from its customers a “Rain Plan” 48 hours prior to any rental. If an acceptable Rain Plan is not timely provided, Patina reserves the right to delay or cancel any rental as provided below.

Insurance :

Liability and Property Damage Insurance naming Patina as an additional insured and loss payee, waiving subrogation against Patina, being primary and non-contributory, including a severability of interests provision, and being otherwise satisfactory to Patina in all respects, must be provided by all customers, unless waived in writing by Patina. If you are unable to provide such insurance for any reason, please notify us immediately.

Credit Card Charges :

We require a major credit card in order to confirm reservations. By signing your Rental Contract, among other things, you authorize Patina to submit all amounts due and coming due in connection with your rental to any credit card you provide, and you waive all associated chargebacks, disputes, setoffs and counterclaims. For the sake of clarity, such charges may include without limitation, additional charges for late returns, failure to return Rented Items, and/or returns of Rented Items, other than in the condition required under your Rental Contract (e.g., dirty, burned, mildewed, stained, damaged and/or destroyed), and all associated costs and expenses (e.g., cleaning, repair, replacement).

Bad Weather and other Cancellations:

Patina reserves the right to reject, delay, cancel and/or terminate any rental (including without limitation, any delivery, pick-up, return and/or retrieval of Rented Items) for any reason or for no reason, including without limitation: (a) inclement or severe weather (actual or threatened); (b) any failure by the customer to comply with any one or more of the aforementioned policies and/or the applicable Rental Contract to our satisfaction; or (c) if for any reason, we feel any rental and/or related event creates an unacceptable level of risk to person(s) and/or property (including without limitation, the Rented Items).

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