Patina will be closed for Thanksgiving starting Wednesday, November 25th at 2PM. Happy Thanksgiving!


Q & A

How do I go about renting stuff from Patina?

It’s pretty easy actually. First, pick out the items you’d like to have for your event. Then, give us a ring or drop us an email at and we’ll give you a price on the items you’ve selected along  with a delivery estimate. Next, if you want to reserve these items you’ll pay a 50% deposit once you book the items and the remaining 50% 1 week prior to the big day. Then, we’ll get in touch 48 hours prior to the delivery to discuss any last minute details that need discussing. We’ll show up at the pre-determined time. Your guests marvel at your great taste, then we come back and pick up the stuff once you’ve had enough.

What’s the deal with delivery?

NYC, the Hudson Valley and Long Island are our sweet spot. Of course, we’d be happy to go anywhere, so just let us know where you need us and we’ll let you know if we can get there from here.

We use a third-party delivery company and only charge you what they charge us. Delivery usually runs $300 and up (one way) for NYC.   The Hudson Valley and Long Island, the East End tend to run a bit more. The costs vary depending on where your event is being held and how much you’ve rented.

I’m just interested in just a few small things, can I pick them up myself?

Yup. Place your order and then you can swing by our Brooklyn studio during our self-serve pickup hours which are 10:00-6:00 Monday through Friday by appointment.  We also have a handful of trusty messenger services on speed dial and we’d be  happy to pass their info along if pick ups in BK ain’t your thang.

Schedule your pickup one week in advance with Kim and we will have everything prepped and ready for you to pick up.  Easy as That.

Just Note: Pick ups are recommended for smaller items only- for furniture its best to go with our third party delivery service-  we’ll get that squared away with you.

Can I come see some of your stuff in person?

Sure, we love showing off our stuff.  Make an appointment to come to our Brooklyn studio and we can help you choose the right pieces for your event. We’re in Bushwick right off the Jefferson stop.

I’m looking for something particular and I don’t see it on your site, can you help?

Sure, we love treasure hunting, it’s our favorite pastime. We also have loads of stuff that hasn’t been added to the site yet so you never know; we might even have what you are looking for already. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll try and help.

I’m stuck, I want to rent some stuff but I’m having trouble deciding what to choose. Can you help?

Of course, give us a call, we would love to help you chose the right pieces to achieve what you want and within your budget.

How much should I expect to pay?

Prices vary depending on the piece, but generally couches run about $350- $600 per day, upholstered chairs around $100- $200, tables and trunks run about $50-200 and doors, windows and other large props are $50-$200. Small props range between $10-$60. Of course, you can email us with the names of the pieces you’d like to rent and we’ll put together some pricing for you.

What if I break or bruise it?

We get it, it happens. We won’t be upset, but we do charge a replacement cost if its broken, which is typically 3 times the rental price but varies depending on the piece. If it’s a stain or a tear, we’ll charge you the cost of the repair or cleaning.