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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Virgo

Hey Virgo’s- Its your month to shine earthy signs.  Just in time for your ruling planet, Mercury, to start its retrograde. The crazy will begin, but since you are an earth sign you can plant yourself + reroot. You got this!

Now this #PatinaZodiacStye series was designed for everyone to get involved. If you are a Virgo, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For the Virgo #PatinaZodiacStyle we chose a neutral pallet to work with. Beautiful + comfortable earthy toned neutral pieces that work well for function + relaxations. We know you are all about being practical and when it comes to styling your place you want a place you can canker down in and feel peaceful Zen vibes.

We used one of our earthy toned sisals as the anchor rug + slung one of our Beni rugs diagonally on top for some texture. Threw in our leather tufted Buttah sofa in a corner at a diagonal, which is a great placement for a rounded sofa. We brought in one of our many Amelia chairs to the mix to add a nice linen cozy arm chair to read all your magazines in.  The wood in the Amelia chairs matches the leather in the Buttah sofa to a T! In-between the sofa + chair is our Marble Tulip side table which picks up on all the neutrals in the lounge. We placed in a nice round modern glass coffee table with a gold geometric base to bring some shapes into the lounge and to play with the curve of the Buttah sofa. On the other side of the lounge we slid in one of our Elm display tables and placed a gold mirror on top with a few gold + brass elements to add a little glam to the lounge. In front of the console, the Cole Lounger was the perfect piece to add to this set. I can just visualize all you Virgos coming home and choosing that chaise to wind down on. Next to the lounger is our Madison shelf, housing a book collection, a marble cream lamp + a saga palm plant. We also through in the leather Winston chair for extra seating. A few pillows added in to spruce up the look a bit such as our Hackneys in grey, blue velvet, a few shearlings and palm printed pillows. Last but not least, plants! Lots of plants for you earth signs. We know you guys are all about wellness + greens!


Now a little bit about our Virgo friends! Their cycle starts August 23rd + ends September 22nd. Wearing the symbol of the maiden which is based on a greek mythological character of whom was the last immortal to abandon Earth at the end of the Silver Age. This is why Virgo’s are so much associated with the Earth. This sign is known to be super timid so being the center of attention is the last thing they want. Virgo’s worry a lot about a lot of things, but they mostly keep this battle in their head.

They are the most analytical of all the signs and work methodically on whatever it is they are working on. They will never leave anything to chance so everything in their life is very thought out. Whether its a trip or a project, everything has a schedule and a steps on which to complete it. Virgo’s are organized and most likely have very clear goals lined up for them to reach. They are greatly skilled in completing extremely detailed work. Their intellect is on point so literature, mathematics, science are where their expertise shines with work, and boy are they hard workers!

Since they are so practical in their personal lives, they are really great personalities to ask for advice and talk about obstacles in your life. They are natural advice givers and great at problem solving with their uber cleverness. They are also extremely healthy and all about ones self wellness, so I wouldn’t b surprised if they sit you down in their meditation room and lead you to a healthier life style. Whether its eating better, or taking longer showers with aromatherapy soaps they want everyone to feel the wellness. They also are great at keeping friendships for very long periods of time. If you grew up with a very close Virgo friend, most likely they are still your very dear friend being that they are super dedicated to you!

Hope you enjoyed learning about the Virgo peeps! We are looking forward to seeing your style- Just use the hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

Tune in next month for everything Libra!

Happy Styling.

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