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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Scorpio

Hey Scorpio’s- Its your month to shine.

This #PatinaZodiacStyle series was designed for everyone to get involved. If you are a Scorpio, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For Scorpio we chose deep tones of burgundy paired with black, gold, and red to fit their fearless lifestyle. Lots of patterns were used to play off their super complex personalities.

First let me tell you about the luck we have here at Patina. We wish for something and some how it just appears. We thought on having some sort of beautiful printed back drop for this look + we were lucky enough to score these beautiful Flavor Paper walls just in the knick of time from a rad event that took place on the roof at Brooklyn Grange. We scooped those babies right up and: Boom, back drop for our Scorpio look! Magic. We chose to bring in a sophisticated masculine vibe for our dear Scorpios because well, they are quite the resourceful + well read bunch. Our deep burgundy tufted Jefferson sofa and matching wingback chair were the perfect duo for this look. The Jefferson footstool was also added in for a kick back and read the newspaper vibe. On the opposite side we pulled in our African upholstered Mali chair into the vignette, adding another pattern to the scene. Scorpios like to design with some sort of light theme so we added in more African elements to the scope. Our dark Bodhi II African side tables were placed on either side of the sofa + across from the sofa we placed our hand carved + hand woven African Shanti daybed.

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Scorpio | Patina

Behind the Mali chair we created a little library for our Scorpio’s. This was made up of a gold bookcase, two of our black leather Gideon chairs, a Persian rug and a few poufs for floor reading ops. Lots of deep tones in this one for them Scorpios.

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Scorpio | Patina

Now lets get to the textiles! We threw down a bamboo rug ribbed with a deep red leather navajo print that matched the Jeffersons to a tee! A few deep red toned Persian rugs made it in as well, throwing one underneath the sofa, another under the Jefferson wingback + foot stool, a third under the Shanti daybed, and the 4th in the library area. We chose our teal Hackney floral pillows to play off of the floral wallpaper. We also added in a plum pillow and a few bah pillows for a hint of texture. Speaking of texture, a beautiful Icelandic sheepskin was placed on the daybed for extra cozy vibes. I tried it out: super cozy + very cool. Lastly we scooted in some props, a brass lamp, and hung some paintings to tie it all together and of course a pop of plants to bring some life to the set.


A little about our Scorpio buds. These water signs are ruled by both Mars + Pluto. Mars being the planet of energy, action + desire which promotes great lengths of courage. Pluto is quite a destructive planet which brings abrupt change. This can read as the fire under Scorpios butts which makes these signs seem a bit intense with their passions and can carry on severe behaviors for their own success. These two planets help evolve the Scorpio’s soul into becoming a great leader as well as holding a great deal of power. So this is why a lot of our Scorpio buds hold career positions of leadership and usually are managing a team at work, and boy are they really good at it.

They are extremely motivated + also have ninja senses of awareness of everyone around them, leaving them one of the most intuitive group of people we know. Since their courage is super strong, if a Scorpio was to fail at something they don’t look at it as a fail, they look at it as an opportunity to succeed the next victory. This is why they strive to be really good at whatever they put their minds to, because nothing can get in their way of their own success. They are transformers. Now if only we all had this quality!!! Fails can be such a bummer to most, so we can really learn something from our Scorpio friends on how to move on from a  bump in the road onto the next thing. So lets call them the powerhouse sign, between their motivation, determination, and passion… They make really great business decisions + they get shit done. Nothing can get in the way of that!

Even though Scorpio’s seem to have a hard exterior, they are naturally quite emotional.  But this is the secret life of the Scorpio, they keep that to themselves. They are quite the independent sign, so whatever is going on in their minds, stays in their minds. They also do best while living alone. This enables them to be in complete control of everything in their personal life. A roommate can really throw them for a loop. They do however, make for a great friend. They are loyal and will always be there for you. Friendship in the eyes of a Scorpio means trust + respect.. If you are able to lock in a Scorpio as a friend, you will gain an amazing bud that will be loyal, punctual, and trust worthy. And, I’m sure you already know, but Scorpios seem to have quite an interesting sense of humor to put on the table that will really balance out your circle of friends. Basically, Scorpios are really fun + super interesting folk to be around, land one as a friend + ya got yourself a long time amigo.


We hoped you liked learning a little bit more about your Scorpio friends!! We are looking forward to seeing all Scorpio’s design vibes… Just use our hashtag! #PatinaZodiacStyle


Tune in next month for everything Sagittarius!


Happy Styling!

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