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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Sagittarius

Hey Sagittarius’s- It’s your month to shine.

This #PatinaZodiacStyle series was designed for everyone to get involved. If you are a Sagittarius, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For our happy Sagittarius homies, we chose indigo’s, purples and pinks to match their visions to success while keeping their hyperactive energies nice + relaxed so they can enjoy all the luck coming their way!

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Sagittarius

In our Sagittarius vignette we laid down a large sisal as our neutral base for the rugs. Then we layered a couple vintage kilims and a beautiful purple + pink Moroccan rug on top. Above we hung some vintage african indigo throws as a canopy above the vignette to give that relaxing feel to their vibe. Now we chose our deep blue velvet Moxie sofa and paired it with our Indigo Iron Daybed because well, our Sagittarius babes are keen to indigos and deep purples. Next we placed in one of our house-built Batik Ottomans for extra seating. Smack in the middle, we placed in our Milo Coffee Table down and threw a few coffee table books, an aloe plant, and a bowl of crystals on top. Our Blondie Side table had the perfect shape and texture to add to the mix housing a few props. In the back we used our Elm Display Table as a console and decked it up with some books about other cultures, some paintings, a record player for chill times, some cameras for their travel bug tendencies and a few other stylish props. A few lamps slid in to add to the ambiance and extra floor pillows for their guests were tucked under the console to enjoy during their entertaining days. To the left we created a small reading area using a mud cloth upholstered Paloma chair and our Moroccan screen. We threw  in some mud cloth + indigo pillows to the mix as well as a beautiful patterned Moroccan floor pillow for more comfy relaxing moments.

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Patina

A little more to learn about our Sagittarius friends. These fire signs are ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of happiness, luck + expansion. This is a huge factor on why our dear Sagittarius friends have high spirited energy! Their sign is represented by a centaur holding up a bow + arrow. The centaur is a symbol for a learned healer with a higher intelligence known to create a bridge from Earth to Heaven in Greek mythology. Since the centaur is accompanied by a bow + arrow, this shows that Sagittarius are wise + brave. The centaur is also known to be a free spirited adventurer. So much of this is this is true for this fire sign!

If you have Sagittarius homies, you know they go where ever the wind takes them.. and that wind is always taking them somewhere wonderful! Most have the travel bug and are lucky to enjoy wandering about and taking adventures out doors. Sagittarius are fond of diversity + culture so they’d prefer to travel outside of the country to see this in action. While wandering about the world, they are always on the look out for unique one of a kind pieces to showcase in their home. While grounded at home, Sagittarius’s are ones to experiment with all different types of cultural styles. They also love to play around with wearing different cultures fashions and they always pull it off because of their carefree attitude. They’ve got it going on and they make it look very easy without showing an inch of trying!

When it comes to work, Sagittarius’s are known to juggle a lot of projects. This can lead them to have a lot of unfinished projects because of the mass amounts of which they dip into. Either way they are go getters, and always have something going on. Very rarely will you find a bored + lazy Sagittarius without anything to work on. They have this natural gift of visualizing something in their creative minds + achieving whatever it is they visualized. They want a wooden elephant house, some how they live in a wooden elephant house! These magical signs just make things happen! Since they can transform their thoughts into concrete actions easily, they can achieve their goals way easier then most and will do almost anything to get their goal achieved. Since they are always working on way more then one can handle, they do come across failures from time to time. They view a failure as an eye opening experience and learn deeply from mistakes made. Once they learn from their mistake, they love story telling + sharing their over all experience. This inspires everyone around them and kick starts passions in others. Sagittarius’s love making that money, honey. And then they love spending that money, honey. And why shouldn’t they? They are lucky AF and things fall into place for them as they walk about.

These free spirited signs are not only the happiest sign of the zodiac, but they are crazy fun to have around and extremely loving caring souls! They would fit great as a life coach, jet setter, viewed as an independent spirit, and will always thrive as an entrepreneur. Since their ideas are so clear + easily achievable it is extremely natural for them to become a business owner and be an inspiration to all their employees to work harder! Sagittarius has a way of keeping everyone in the highest of spirits even during dark times, they just have this thing where they know what to say in every given situation. When it comes to family, that is the strongest dedication they have in their lives. They will go above and beyond for all of their loved ones. If you have a Sagittarius in your family or circle of friends, boy are you lucky! Their luckiness is contagious, stick close to them and you will see your dreams come true too.


We hoped you liked learning a little bit more about your happy Sagittarius friends!! We are looking forward to seeing all Sagittarius’s design vibes… Just use our hashtag! #PatinaZodiacStyle


Tune in next month for everything Capricorn!

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