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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Pisces

Attention all Pisces! Its y(our) month to shine! Woo!

This project was designed for everyone to get involved by simply using our hashtag to show off your personal styles! Snap a photo and hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle

Okay so, its no secret that Pisces are D R E A M E R S! With this in mind for our lounge the first thing that came to our heads was- Why don’t we build a lounge…. inside our indigo cabana!! Ding Dong, pisces world! The indigo is already creating that ocean vibe we Pisces desire! We stuck with the aquamarine vibes through out by choosing our teal Synergy sofa and pairing it with our brand new teal swivel chairs. Since this is very teal heavy we chose a natural sisal rug to lay down to break up the color. By sticking to one main color this gave us some free range to choose playful textiles to throw in the mix. We collected a bunch of Moroccan pillows for the seating area + a fun Moroccan Runner to place in front of the cabana as an entrance rug. Hugging the corners in the back are our Gold Digga side tables that gave the vibe a little luxe to it and plays off the brass bits on the chair legs.

We just got these stunning vintage altar tables in + we’ve been dying to use them! This lounge was perfect for it, so we placed it behind the sofa to set a place to hold all our knick knacks as a display. We also set our new Ace coffee table front + center and decked it out with some of our in house Pisces (there are 3 of us here) favorite things!!

#patinazodiacstyle: Pisces | Patina

For example, I’m in love with elephants and have quite a substantial collection of everything elephants so we put some of my elephants on the coffee table. Kim loves Dr. Dre + incense so they made it to the vignette! Jessica was on vacation so we threw in some extras while thinking about her, eh hem… like the flamingo + pineapple lamps because lets be real, we aren’t on planet earth, we are on planet whack attack!

So a little about our pisces friends… and me (haha). We are ruled by Neptune which is the planet of fantasy… go-figure, thanks Neptune for the weird brain! We are a water sign + our symbol is the fish… actually 2 fish that swim in opposite directions. Which means we have two brains. JK. It actually symbolizes that we go with the flow and are easy going without making waves— so we are great with adapting to all different environments + groups of people. We are a bit mutable in situations because we aren’t the sign to ‘test the waters’ or ‘erupt a conflict’.

Pisces are well known to be spiritually oriented, which can mean a number of things. We are very in tune with energy levels from others + can have telepathic tendencies. We are extremely aware of what is going on around us and quite intuitive on how others feel. Now one of the qualities we are extremists in is compassion. Our homies know they can count on us on anything, heart break, venting on a bad day, daily dramas, help with a project… the list is infinite. But what pisces tend to forget about is…. themselves! We take on the pain our buds are feeling and it completely disrupts our personal feelings and health. I know it sounds crazy but Pisces have the ability to feel what others are feeling. If a friend won the lottery we feel their insane happiness, if a friends family member died, this can spiral us into a deep depression. This is something all pisces need to work on- remembering that we have our own lives + we are important too!!! Its one thing to help a friend in need, but we need to remember to leave those feels at the door and continue our lives.

One thing that gets in the way is our sensitivity. Boy are we sensative. Sometimes given our sensitivity it creates us to be overwhelmingly shy. Sometimes only family members and loved ones are the only people in our lives that get to see how out going and fun we are, so breaking out of that sensitive bubble is quite the struggle for most.

Pisces go above and beyond in relationships and are attracted to romance. Theres nothing like feeling special and theres nothing like returning the special favor! Planning fun trips, picking up a small ‘this made me think of you’ gift, making a favorite dish, or finding a dessert shop with a favorite treat are regular things Pisces do for their significant others. If we don’t have a significant other, then our closest friends or family members get a taste of all this! Pisces are extremely loyal and will be there almost forever. That is until they realize all their efforts were put into something that was not worth the effort. You really have to do an extreme amount of harm to bat them off. If you are a good freind, your pisces homies are there for a life time! Be good to them, they are SO good to you!

Now just because we Pisces are quiet, doesn’t mean we aren’t dying to talk about whats going on in our brains. Ever watch The Science of Sleep? This is the easiest way to describe a pisces brain. We are living in a dream fantasy world and we see flowers rainbows and unicorns on the daily! If we jotted down every idea we ever had, we would all be trillionaires, I just know it! But life happens, and shyness, and feeling silly while telling people our ideas! I get it Pisces, but we have to start getting these brilliant creative ideas out there. Most Pisces excel in a creative position such as painting, music. If being artistic isn’t your Pisces role, then helping people are! Customer services, non profit or any creative way of making people feel good- that is your cup of tea!

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