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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Libra

Hey Libra’s- Its your month to shine. Just in time for Mercury Retrograde to end its dreadful course, shweoo! Lucky ducks, now you can really kick back + relax now that the storm has passed and truly enjoy your time of the year!

Now this #PatinaZodiacStyle series was designed for everyone to get involved. If you are a Libra, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For Libra we chose a nice earthy peaceful vibe for you harmonizers. In this case, neutrals mixed with light sea blues were the best fit for y’all! We know you are all about a well balanced, relaxed and simple environment when it comes to styling up your place so we pulled together pieces to help bring airy open spaces, a little symmetry + that minty blue you are naturally attracted to.

We pulled one of our neutral sisal rugs to use as a bottom layer + topped it off with one of our newest additions to our Moroccan rug collection to bring in some creamy textures to the lounge. Next we slid in two of our gold bookcases pushing them together to create one big bookcase + decked it to the nines with everything zenful including, a buddha head, some brass planters + knickknacks and of course a touch of greenery. On top, we had to add our vintage scale for you Libra’s because we know the steps you take on the daily are always measured out and well balanced to fit your life style. After decking the shelves we placed our minty blue mid century Brady sofa right in front. Since we chose a mid century sofa as our featured piece, we stuck to the mid century theme. Now we did this purposefully, because we know if there isn’t symmetry + a central theme in your personal space- it can throw ya off when it comes to your wind down after a long day at work.  On each side of the Brady sofa we placed our matching Kent Side Tables and decked these guys out with some air plants, books and small props. We placed the matching Kent Coffee Table in front and styled it with some books, plants and other small props as well. Next we brought in this mid century duo which is complete with the creamy neutral Viktor Settee with its matching Viktor Chair. We balanced them in the set by placing them on opposite sides of the lounge. Since the settee is longer we added in a Root Side Table right next to the chair to fill the empty space and bring a natural element in. Lastly we threw in some grey Hackney Pillows, some light blue velvet pillows form our floral collection and threw down a textured Moroccan Floor pillow for extra seating! And of course, we never forget to add in those plants! They really bring the vibe to life and set the scene. Libra’s…. we love your style, so much so- I made your lounge my office for the day in which I wrote this blog from!


Now a little about our Libra friends!!! Their cycle starts September 22nd + ends October 23rd. Their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love which rules relationships, beauty and pleasure in both romantic relationships and friendships. Their symbol is the balancing scale which basically came from ‘The Scales of Justice’, held by Themis (also known as Lady Justice). The scale symbolizes divine law + justice which explains why Libra’s are naturally amazing at balancing + harmonizing.

Libra’s weigh out all options and sort through them, picking the most peaceful option they thought on. Their true value is being fair, and having fairness dealt right back to them for their good intentions. Libra’s are friendly and good-natured beings so they tend to be very popular among their friend circles. They are team players, they want everyone around them including themselves to be happy, so they tend to be trustworthy and great strategists when it comes to problem solving in loved ones dramas. In relationships they are loving + careful, they will never step on toes of anyone they care for. Libra’s tend to be super fun in social situations, dates, and big parties/events.  They have them skills in social + diplomatic situations creating a great conversations around them while socializing. They yearn for happy fun lives. This is why they balance everything out to be peaceful, so they can fully enjoy their life, always making the best decisions for their well being.

On a good day Libra’s are charming, super lovable, sincere and will share everything with their friends, family + loved ones. Now if you catch a Libra bud on a bad day, they can be a bit wishy washy with decision making and seem a bit delusional. Thats where non Libra’s come in handy to balance your pals on these bad days. A Libra is very good at contacting friends for advice + good for a nice long talk sesh on issues they need to sort out. They will take your advice into consideration, but of course collect other friends advice + sort through it all until they find their favorite solution. Balance, balance, balance!!! Libra’s truly show themselves as excellent friends, and if you are lucky to have a Libra in your life, keep them happy! They are forever friends!!

Hope you enjoyed learning about the Libra peeps! We are looking forward to seeing your style- Just use the hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle

Tune in next month for everything Scorpio!!

Happy Styling!

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