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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Leo


Hey Leo’s- Its your month to shine, although lets be real… you shine every day of the year! Being a Leo means you are the lion OR king/queen of the zodiacs and ruled by the center of the universe, the sun. You fire symbols sure know how to be the center of attention at all costs and boy do you look good doing so!

Now this #PatinaZodiacStyle series was designed for everyone to get involved. If you are a Leo, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For the Leo #PatinaZodiacStyle we chose the goldest toned rug we could find and our Persian #12 was the golden ticket. We then centered our chippy mantle and put a large lion looking mirror up on top with a gold lion knick knack- this played as our stunning centerpiece. We placed our black Quentin sofa on the left side of the mantle partnered with our golden green Sweet Jane arm Chair. On the opposite side we placed our neutral Johnny Bench along side our Cowhide wingback chair. In between the mantle + the sofa’s we used our Gold Digga end tables. These weren’t only perfect because they are gold, but their shelves are mirrored letting the Leo’s catch a glimpse, because if you are glamorous and glowing- you gotta catch a glimpse!! Between the wingback chairs + the sofas we placed the Cecilia side tables which are a combo of brass + white marble, adding to the luxe feel of the Lions den. We centered our Braedon coffee table which matches those Cecilia’s with the brass + marble elements. Threw a few cowhide rugs in for layering + texture as well as a variety of pillows: MoroccanPeruvian, and Hackney. We wanted to light up the room for these Leo’s so we chose our brass spot light floor lamp and hung a rattan pendent light. There is never enough gold in a Leo’s life so we hung a few shelves and put some gold props on top. Lastly we added in an orange poufa few cameras, and to complete the look, a bunch of plants!


Okay for non Leo babes, let us tell you a little about our Leo lovers. The Leo sign starts July 23rd + ends August 21st. The sun is what rules their lives, making them lucky summer babies giving them sunshine and warmth on their biggest day to shine. Now the sun nurtures the land, and Leo’s are given the same characteristic- they are born ready to nurture loved ones making them extremely loyal creatures.

Although Leo’s are mostly independent, they yearn for attention and admiration of their every move. They like to have people in their group that aren’t as strong willed as them and that are good with beckoning to their impulse decisions. Control is the name of their game, and they are the ones with it. Leo’s would prefer to not be alone, so they think independently, but in reality, they like to be surrounded. Being ignored or loosing a friend is the end of the world for them. Now Leo’s are known to be self centered, but by all means this does not push people away- Leo’s have tons of friends due to their enthusiasm + willingness to keep every one of their friends happy. A cool characteristic of the Leo’s, is they are supportive of all peoples differences. You want purple hair? cool into it. You like to put your cat on a leash, super cool, into that too. They are down to collect all kinds of people in their circle, and that is pretty cool. They will always lift your spirits if you are feeling down, a Leo friend is a great person to turn to if you want to forget your problems and do something to distract your mind.

Leo’s want to be the best at everything and they will strive to reach this high expectation of themselves. They are delegators, but they will not take orders dished at them. Remember they are the best at everything, so they have the ideas and know how to get ahead. Silver medals, second place, not employee of the month- these are things that bum Leo’s out. They are gold 100% of the time, and will have it no other way, so they are go getters and pursuers. Due to their strive to succeed they usually wind up with a position of power + will do best suited in a group setting due to their gifted tendency to socialize and delegate orders.

Now have you ever met a Leo that wasn’t luxurious? I havent! The best of the best is what these fiery Leos like. They know the top restaurants in town, the hidden rooftop pool parties, where to drink the bubbly in style, the shops with the finest designers… etc. They are extremely drawn to.. brace yourselves… G O L D !!! Its the shiniest, flashiest color/metal of all the land and it is their favorite and boy does it match their personalities. If its not gold, then yellow will do! Yellow is symbolic for strength + courage. Its a super posi color for super posi peoples. Also orange is a big color, think of the sun + also fire. Those orangey + yellows is what does it for the Leo’s. If its not Gold, Yellow, and Orange then don’t be surprised if they are dressed head to toe in animal print, they love it + it looks great on them!

When it comes to styling their homes, they wont choose the prettiest furnishings, because they’d rather be the shining star sitting on their non flashy furniture. They will never take the spot light away from themselves so neutrals are the perfect match for them. Although practical home dwellers, they will have a collection of luxurious textiles + props, maybe the finest wines + liquors on their shelves. However, they most likely will have some sort of stunning centerpiece… a beautiful chandelier, a prized possession from travels of some sort on their coffee table, maybe a fancy mantle decked out with a gold candelabra. Centerpiece, center of the universe, center of attention. You see how it all revolves around our dear Leo’s, they love it!

Hope you enjoyed the Leo run down, we are looking forward to seeing your style- just use our hashtag #PatinaZodiacStyle!

Tune in next month for everything Virgo.

Happy styling.

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