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#PatinaZodiacStyle: Capricorn

Hey Capricorn’s- Its your month to shine!!

This #PatinaZodiacStyle series was designed for everyone to get involved. if you are a Capricorn, show us your styling vibes by using our hashtag: #PatinaZodiacStyle.

For our Capricorn friends, we chose browns + blacks, dark leathers + lots of wood furnishings to match their studious + well disciplined life style.

In our Capricorn vignette we placed down a neutral sisal rug and layered a Moroccan rug on top. Our hunter green tufted leather Osborne Sofa was rolled in as the centerpiece of the lounge. Next we placed the Lotus table in front of the sofa to use as a coffee table for this lounge. The Rock House leather chairs were then placed in front to complete the seating in this lounge. Capricorns are naturally drawn to leather furnishings + clothing which represents structure, strength + a durable foundation for them. Between the matching leather chairs we placed a timber side table to keep the wood theme coherent through out the vignette. Two black iron side tables were slid in on each side of the sofa matching the iron base of the coffee table.

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Capricorn | Patina

Since Capricorns are extreme when it comes to their scheduling + occupations we thought this was a great opportunity to show off our Taylor table as a desk. We paired an Illustrator stool with it and decked the table out with post its, a typewriter, and a few office supplies to up their major organization + productivity skills. Under the office area we layed down a white cowhide rug to keep it neutral but to add some texture and print into the look. On the opposite side of the sofa we added in our A Frame shelving unit holding stacks of self help motivational reads as well as some business guidence books. Notice how the shelves are perfectly straight and organized, this was no mistake. Our Capricorn homies are extremely organized creatures. The pin board in the back shows how they canker down on their scheduling making them the Wizards of productivity.

#PatinaZodiacStyle | Capricorn | Patina

Now lets focus on what our Capricorn peeps are all about. These Earth signs are ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of discipline + maturity. This lines up with bringing structure into the world by setting boundaries + responsibilities in our paths and giving us the power to keep up with commitments. This relates so closely with Capricorns because they are well adapted when it comes to structure and sticking to a regimen. They strive to reach every goal, fixating their time to accomplishments. The symbol of the Capricorn is the mountain goat, which is an animal that sees a long steep path to the top of a mountain and will strive to reach the top no matter how hard or long it may take. This makes sense for Capricorn’s because they set high goals for themselves, goals that can take years to achieve, and they slowly and gracefully work hard to reach it.

Capricorns are naturally busy bees at all times. They see straight down their career path without looking to the sides to catch the view. Thats where friends are important to them- Capricorns friends remind these busy bodies to enjoy the view, and to celebrate all endeavors no matter how small they may seem to them. Basically capricorn’s need to stop + breath and enjoy the life they built for themselves. Being focused is great, but forgetting to enjoy the journey on the way to the set goal is common for them. They are so concerned with their social recognition for their hard work. However, Capricorns are usually a popular friend of the bunch and they most likely have those friends to keep them digging into fun. They are great with making friends, so they usually befriend anyone who comes in their path- which is usually work related: so a coworker joined on a work project, or faculty member they sat next to at a conference meeting. Capricorns work hard + play hard. That seems to be their motto, so they are able to balance a social night life with a productive day vibe. We just need to make sure that our Cap buds are setting goals they feel comfortable with and can enable themselves to strive for. Sometimes the goals they set are too ambitious and they tend to give up before they even started. Being this intensely ambitious shows how patient they are in being able to set goals that take an extensive amount of time to reach. But we all know they are capable of doing it all because lets be real, they have Saturn on their sides and their discipline would knock a Zen Master off their seats!

Not only are our Cappy friends ambitious, but they are crazy organized + extremely clean. No clutter in their homes! Everything has a distinct spot and never will anything be out of place! If there are four people in their family, they have four hooks for each members jackets. Their mud room will have a place to store shoes and another place to store hats + gloves. Their bookshelves will be full of self help books, history reads + business guides— anything that motivates them to strive to reach their professional + personal goals. But each subject will house a different shelf, they will never be mixed in with each other. Their calendar and schedules are the bulkiest of all the signs. They keep up with their scheduling like no other. You’ll be sure to get a thank you letter for a gift you gave them, or a birthday card in the mail either a few days early or right on time! Their punctuality is very important to them. If you have tickets to the opera your Capricorn friend will be sure to get there early to not keep you waiting for them. You can learn how to organize your home + life with a close Capricorn friend- They will show you the way!

Capricorns are extremely inspirational when it comes to how they format their lives to become successful. From organization to determined resourceful thinking- they have their lives on check! Stick close to them and you will see yourself gaining some of their skills.

Cheers to the Capricorns!

We hoped you liked learning a bit about your Capricorn friends. We are greatly looking forward to seeing your Capricorn design vibes… Just use our hastag: #PatinaZodiacStyle to show us what your vibe is!!

Tune in next month for everything Aquarius.

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