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#oneSofa3Ways The Lennon Sofa

We took our Lennon Sofa + styled it with 3 different interiors in mind: Urban Cowboy, Bohemian Chic, and Scandinavian. Watch these three looks come together in these gifs we shot in our studio.

1. The Urban Cowboy Look

Cowboy style has been creeping it’s way into decor for a while now. Instagram has us wanting to experiment with creating an Urban Cowboy crib and so here’s what we did…

This is our take on a ranchers home style. To get this look we styled the Lennon sofa by pairing it with our denim blue Spencer Chair + textured Rattan Chaise. Topped the chairs off with our navajo printed pillows + matched it to a navajo wall hanging print we have laying around in the studio. We used our zara coffee table to add some brass elements into the vignette to glam it up a bit. We also rolled in our rockapulco stools to use as side tables and hold some cacti. We decided on a sisal rug for some texture + to bring in that earthy feel of an urban cowboy and layered it with a cowhide rug + an indigo kilim. Lastly we hung the rattan pendant lamp to add some mood lighting and complete the vignette.

2. The Bohemian Chic Look

There are so many flavors of what’s considered boho these days, it seems everyone is experimenting with this style.  For this take, we decided to make this one a bit more elegant then our other takes on bohemian vibes. Call it boho with a bank account.

This is our chic take on the bohemian style. To get this look we styled the Lennon sofa by pairing it with our velvet emerald green Sinead chair, our leather Kravits chair + one of our Icon Dining chairs. We topped the seating off with some velvet Hackney pillows along with a gold graphic pillow. We added in some brass moments to glam it up a bit by using our hammered brass side table, brass coffee table + brass tulip side table. We hung a smaller Persian rug as a tapestry behind the sofa + slid in our iron shelving unit propped to the nines with books, suitcases + plants. We anchored this vignette with one of our bigger Persian Rugs along with a Turkish runner. A floor lamp for some mood lighting and a Moroccan pouf for additional floor seating.

3. The Scandi Look

The Scandinavians sure know their way around neutral vibes, they get their signature look by using tons of textures + a mixture of mid-century pieces with modern.  We added a touch of pink, our new favorite neutral pairing.

This is our take on the Scandi style. To get this look we styled the Lennon sofa by pairing it with  our african upholstered Mali chair along with the Mid-Century inspired Wegner chair. Since texture is the way to pull this look off we made sure we used just enough to make this look pop! We used a fluffy Moroccan Rug, a couple sheep skin throws, one of our Bah ottomans as a side table along with our fluffy Bah pillows. We slid our classic mantle behind the sofa and hung an ornate white mirror on the wall for some more detailed textures. Our silver side table made it in to the look housing a saga palm. A ladder was brought in for some height which has a Moroccan wedding blanket slung over it for an extra texture moment. The Dia coffee table was perfect for this vignette bringing in a modern touch with the black iron triangle legs and the light oak top. We through in our black + tan ottoman for extra floor seating along with some extra props to bring this look to life.

It’s pretty cool to see how versatile this sofa can be, there are so many different directions you can take it.  Show us how you style yours!