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Hudson Collection @ Planta Baja

We came across a secret little gem in Brooklyn called Planta Baja.   This hidden carriage house located down an ivy-lined alley, was renovated by a husband and wife team whose vision was to create a special place where creative people could come together to make cool things happen.   Together they removed layers and years of bad decor choices and brought the place back to basics.  Today, the open airy space features original brick, exposed ceilings, killer skylights and original details throughout.

Paula and her husband live above this space and renovated the entire place together, taking time to be sure all the original structure was preserved and in pristine condition along the way. They killed it. This place is perfect for shoots,  hosting small events,  and special  intimate gatherings or meetings.  The back courtyard surrounded by maple trees is a major bonus.

The lighting in this space is insane and great for photography, so we knew after doing our walk through that this was the perfect place to shoot.  Genevieve Gurroppo joined the roster + teamed up with us to photograph the looks. She has major skills and an amazing eye.

Given the old charm showcasing the original brick walls and the beautiful beamed ceilings we thought it would be the perfect setting to showcase our Hudson Collection .  Our Hudson Collection features industrial goods, organic materials and some sleek modern accents for a modern take on a weekend away in the Hudson Valley.

It was a super fun day throwing these looks together. Theres nothing like bringing creatives together and blasting off creative sparks!