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One Cabana, Five Stylists #PatinaCabanaChallenge

Back in April we had so much fun channeling our inner surfer  with our  Cabana,  and once it was finished we thought- wouldn’t it be fun to see how others would style it up all pulling from the same inventory?

So, we asked 5 of our favorite stylists to compete in our first ever Cabana Challenge.  Here’s how it all went down: we cracked open a bottle, cranked some tunes, and gave each challenger 1 hour and set them loose in the studio to pull anything and everything they wanted to style up a killer Cabana.  We had our dear friend David Toquica shoot some photos as well as make stop motion videos of each designer putting their cabana together! And Jackie from Darlington brought by some pretty flowers.

Now it’s  up to you:  vote on your favorite Cabana on  instagram, by noon on Friday  and one of these lovely and talented stylists will win a Teepee! 

The Challengers:
Anthony of  Zio & Sons; Dabito of Old Brand New; Susan + William of House of Brinson
Jessica of Coco & Mingo + Gloria from Little White Whale; Molly + Rawan of Stone Fox Bride



Anthony from Zio and Sons showed up ready to rock.  He cracked open a beer and got down to business- he was super serious about winning the TeePee- no joke.  He had his plan laid out,  had already spent time refining his vision and then darted around the studio scouting out specific pieces he had seen on the site.  He was focused and on fire.  “My vision was to create a surfer beach bungalow. A chic place to relax with a cold beer, between the waves. Inspired by the Tulum and Ralph Lauren lifestyle.

Anthony of zions + sons 1

anthony of zio + sons 2

zio & sons cabana

Cabana Styled by Anthony of Zio & Sons

Anthony of Zio + Sons cabana for the CABANA CHALLENGE from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.




Dabito of Old Brand New  describes himself as a creative creature and a vintage vulture.  What he doesn’t tell you is how adorable, fun and all around awesome he is.  He’s a blogger and stylist who focuses on modern interiors with a vintage sensibility and he’s a big fan of color, loves velvet and clearly has a knack for interior styling.  His regal yet relaxed style shines through in the Cabana he created for the challenge.  Vote for his Cabana here.

dabito of old brand new

Dabito of Old Brand New2

dabito cabana

Cabana Styled by Dabito of Old Brand New

Sequence 01 2 from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.





When Susan and William showed up we knew we were in for a treat.  This adorable,  high energy, happy couple had so much talent between the two of them- watching them work, and getting to know them was really a highlight of this challenge.  They pulled some props that were behind the stacks- flipped rugs over so the back was revealed and worked to tell a story with their styling.  I love their work and love what they did with this Cabana.  “We love layering and luxury, so the Victorians and discovery are something we wanted to interpret. We imagined how Howard Carter might have lived when he discovered tombs in Egypt. The Victorian look of rug layering, and traveling with all of their household luxuries seems so over the top, yet appealing and the permanency of the furniture and rugs against the temporary tent is something we wanted to explore visually.”  Well done House of Brinson!  Vote for them here!

susan + william

susan + william of house of brinson

house of brinson cabana

Cabana Styled by Susan and William of House of Brinson

Sequence 01 1 from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.





Jessica the lovely lady behind Coco and Mingo, and Gloria little creator of Little White Whale worked together to create a neutral oasis with pops of color and personality.  It was so much fun to watch them work together to form the vision, create the plan and then go grab things and style every last detail within 60 minutes.  They did an awesome job.  Vote for them here.

coco & mingo + little white whale

coco & mingo + little white whale 2

coco & mingo + little white whale cabana

Cabana Styled by Jessica of Coco and Mingo and Gloria of Little White Whale

final from Patina Vintage Rentals on Vimeo.


Stone Fox Bride is synonymous of sexy, yet understated bohemian style. Molly + Rawan– the ladies behind the brand favor classic shapes and elegance punctuated with boho detaling and dreamy designs.  Their cool styling is dreamy and droolworthy so as you can imagine how stoked we were to have them as part of the challenge!  Here is their inspiration for the Cabana… “our inspiration was a shangrila hashish den circa 1979 marakesh… think Anity Pallenberg in a ratty caftan, Mick Jagger ina leopard thong smoking a hookah and Marianne Faithful in the corner wrapped in a bearskin doing a wildly interpretive qualude-fueled dervish dance, mixed with an early 90’s Venice Beach love den filled with skate bettys and boarders.  A fragrant seaside haven to rinse off the ocean water in between trips to the beach and the half-pipe.  The goal was to make it as comfy. laid-back and mellow as possible.”

Gotta love that.

Check out their Cabana and vote here.

stone fox bride

molly + rawan of stone fox bride

stone fox bride cabana

Cabana Styled by Molly and Rawan of Stone Fox Bride

Molly + Rawan of Stone Fox Bride from Patina Rentals on Vimeo.


Happy Voting friends + good luck to all the talented bloggers that participated in the #PatinaCabanaChallenge!!!!

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